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New job postings for Rapid City job seekers

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Many workers won't return to old jobs after COVID

There's a wild card in the push to return to post-pandemic life: Many workers don't want to go back to the jobs they once had. Read more


Besieged public servants are exhausted

Bill Mathis had dreamt about being a teacher since he was in third grade. He realized that dream but found the demands of the job very stre… Read more


5 Questions to Ask During a Phone Interview with a Recruiter

Knowing what questions to ask a potential employer is essential for your next interview. These are generally questions to ask at the end of… Read more


Why you should plan to retire early even if you don't want to

There's one really important reason. Read more


Job search tips for college seniors graduating during the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic is creating unique challenges for those looking to enter the workforce. Here are some tips for navigating the job market right now. Read more


Hate working from home? 5 ways to make it better

Some people don't like remote work. Here's what to do if you're one of them. Read more

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Traveling this summer? TSA’s screening tips can help you zip through packed airports

More people are starting to travel again — and airports are packed because of that. Read more


Lowest-paying jobs that require a bachelor's degree

The largest sector on the list of the lowest-paying jobs is education, which includes special education teachers, elementary teachers, voca… Read more


Highest-paying jobs that require a bachelor's degree

According to 2019 data (released in 2020) from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here's a list of the highest-paying jobs that require a… Read more

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Expand your skills

Think you know all you need to know about the hobby you’ve enjoyed for years? Read more

Don’t quit your day job

“Work your hobby part time on the side first — you might find out you don’t like it as a job,” says Kevin Caron, owner of Kevin Caron Studios, who drove an 18-wheeler for 13 years and created sculpture on the side before becoming a full-time artist in 2006. “For many people, it takes the fun out of it.” Read more

Determine why you’re qualified

“Turning a hobby into a career requires asking yourself what makes you qualified to turn this idea into a business,” says Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com, who has worked with clients who want to monetize their hobbies. Read more