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July 17, 2018, letters

Thune's trade war response disappointing Read more

GOOD, BAD & UGLY: City's utility fund collections raise new questions

GOOD: OK, it's not a lot of money, but it's a start. Last week, the Pennington County Commission voted to reduce property taxes by 1.97 per… Read more

THEIRS: Montana farmers caught in trade war crossfire

This is a crucial time for Montana’s barley crop. The state switched suddenly from a wetter-than-usual spring to a summer heat wave. Read more

OURS: Lawmakers should heed Wilson's words on reciprocity

It likely wasn’t a coincidence that Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson chose Rapid City to elaborate on the importance of states adopting r… Read more

July 15, 2018, letters

Trump-Putin meeting should raise concerns Read more

THEIRS: NSU wrestler shows character by coming out

Coaches like to talk character. Read more


Commentary: At 78, a need for speed

Now that youth has blown away with successive winds, it feels imperative to try to preserve some sense of vitality, of stamina - some recognition in the present of what had been the enthusiasm in the past for a vibrant life, especially as talk about illness and dying is endemic among the elderly. I'm not frail; I exercise at the gym three times a week. But after 30 years of smoking from my ... Read more

10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more

Commentary: Floating factory farms aren't the answer to world hunger

PETA has long said that killing animals for human consumption isn't sustainable, and a new report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) seems to bear that out. The FAO estimates that one in three fish caught around the world is either tossed overboard or allowed to rot instead of ending up on humans' dinner plates. And while more than half the world's fish now come from ... Read more

Commentary: My trade deficit with grocery stores and the local laundry

Inspired by President Donald Trump's insistence that all U.S. trading partners buy as much from us as we do from them, I have been trying to apply the concept to my personal affairs. I've got a problem with my local grocery chains, Aldi and Publix. I buy lots of groceries from them, but they don't buy any of the lectures or writing that I do for a living. The balance of trade is horrible. I am ... Read more

THOMAS: A tough week for anti-Trumpers

Last week was not a good one for anti-Trumpers, who include virtually all Democrats and most establishment Republicans. Read more

Commentary: Think about the summer of 1968 as you watch the progress of 50 years evaporate

CHICAGO - From the perspective of Chicago's streets, the old guard seemed on the run in the summer of 1968. My students were dashing off to anti-war protests, and in the face of rallies and marches against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson had thrown in the towel, announcing he wouldn't run for re-election. Now, in the summer of 2018, it feels like I'm watching 50 years of newsreel ... Read more

Commentary: Dear President Trump, I'm sorry you didn't make it to Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Dear President Trump, I am sorry you didn't make it to Annapolis. We just finished eulogizing our dead friends. Maybe you could have said a few nice words, too. I know you don't read The Capital, but I want to point out a few recent letters - there will be more - that have debated whether you should bear some responsibility for the June 28 deadly assault on my newsroom. Look, ... Read more

Commentary: We've unleashed AI. Now we need a treaty to control it

Fifty years ago this month, in the midst of the Cold War, nations began signing an international treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Today, as artificial intelligence and machine learning reshape every aspect of our lives, the world confronts a challenge of similar magnitude and it needs a similar response. There is a danger in pushing the parallel between nuclear weapons and AI too ... Read more

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