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THEIRS: Restrict youth from vaping

When electronic cigarettes came on the scene, they were billed as a tobacco alternative — a way for nicotine addicts to get the fix while a… Read more

Treating deputies as victims erodes the public trust

Most South Dakotans would welcome police protection. In foreign lands the reverse is true. Even in some parts of America, the secrecy cloak… Read more

Dec. 9, 2018, letters

Forest service patrol will be costly Read more

THEIRS: Bush showed us the way forward

In June 1948, after the College World Series and graduation day at Yale, young George H.W. Bush packed up his cranberry-red Studebaker (a g… Read more

Dec. 8, 2018, letters

Leadership on climate change Read more

OURS: Alienation of affection law no longer fits

Heard it in a love song: The repeal of South Dakota’s "alienation of affection" law is overdue. Read more


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Commentary: The path to legal immigration — and the risk of being a 'public charge'

I am a pediatrician in an area of Chicago with a large immigrant population. I take care of the children of immigrant families, and I have witnessed firsthand the health consequences of the stresses put on these families because of their immigration status. Now the Trump administration has proposed a new rule that would add to that stress by allowing the government to deny immigration for ... Read more

Commentary: Vegan food is hot right now. It doesn't need the government's help

Global interest in plant-based cuisine has exploded in recent years. Although only about 6 percent of Americans identify as fully vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy or fish), many people see the benefit of limiting their consumption of animal products for health, environmental and moral reasons. The market has responded to this consumer demand. Plant-based food restaurants aren't difficult to find in ... Read more

Commentary: Congress needs to take action on toxins

Here's a story about some toxic chemicals that have been used for decades, contaminating drinking water in Michigan and across the nation. Health impacts, including developmental delays in children, are well known, but government agencies have concealed the dangers. Sound familiar? If you followed the drinking water crisis in Flint, this story will certainly ring a bell. This time, though, the ... Read more

10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more

Commentary: Saying 'you're fired' too often is bad for a presidency

President Donald Trump said Saturday that his chief of staff, John Kelly, would step down by the end of the year. Kelly's departure will add to records the Trump administration has already set for turnover at the most senior levels of government. According to the Brookings Institution, 34 percent of executive office staffers departed in the first year of the administration. (The president with ... Read more

Commentary: Congress can help atone for the nation's horrific past by finally making lynching a federal crime

Since the Civil War, Americans have struggled to define what seems to be obvious: What is a lynching? It conjures visions of a mob pulling a man from a jail cell, hauling him to a tree and throwing a rope over a branch. But debates have centered on how many people must take part in such an extrajudicial killing for it to qualify as a lynching (the NAACP suggested in 1921 at least five). And ... Read more

Commentary: Praise for the Trump-Russia obsessives

"I felt like the guy in 'Rear Window,' " David Corn, the coauthor of "Russian Roulette," told me this week. Corn was referring to his affinity for James Stewart's character, L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies, in Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece film. Jeff witnesses a crime across the courtyard from his New York City apartment. But when he talks about it no one believes him. Corn, likewise, had a period in ... Read more

Commentary: Ugly emails reveal ignorance of substance use disorder

I've been speaking out about the escalating overdose death toll and the impediments to needed reform, enough to have accumulated numerous email responses from people I don't know. Because my perspective is that of a mother whose son struggled with a substance use disorder and died of a mixed drug overdose, many of these messages have been written out of kindness. But there are some startling ... Read more

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