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Jason Mraz's album is 'love letter' to his wife Content Exchange

Jason Mraz's new album is a "love letter" to his wife.

The 'I'm Yours' hitmaker is set to release his sixth studio LP 'Know' - which comes four years after 'Yes!' - on August 10 and he has revealed the tracks are inspired by little notes he wrote for his spouse Christina Carano, whom he married in 2015, and she also features in the music video for his second single, 'Might As Well Dance.'

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: "My last album was called 'Yes!', I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call this album 'No.' But we're looking at the brighter side of things, so it's 'Know,' k-n-o-w as in knowledge is power.

"And this is really an album of love letters. Love letters that I wrote mostly to my wife, but also to myself to constantly remind myself that love is still the answer.

"I just asked her permission. I said, 'Babe, this is so cute. Can I try [using it], are you okay with it?' And she's a real star in that video. But I didn't know when we were shooting the wedding that it would ever be seen by more than our friends and family."

The 41-year-old singer thinks he's been incredibly "lucky" with his career over the years and would like to start repaying his fans by "uplifting tomorrow's artists."

He said: "I do. Absolutely. I get overwhelmed with how much luck I've had, how much success I've had, how much love I've been shown by fans and friends.

"Even when I started my career and had nothing, friends who were here tonight would drive me to gigs. They would take me to dinner.

"They would keep me supported, and that overwhelms me with gratitude. So I've tried to make a career, certainly now where I'm standing, one that I can repay them and uplift tomorrow's artists to give them the experience of having it all."

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