All the 'Jeopardy!' Records James Holzhauer Has Broken — and 3 He Still Has to Beat

Despite James Holzhauer's success on Jeopardy!, he hasn't broken all of the game show's important records just yet.

Holzhauer has won 15 games of regular-season play, in which he has earned $1,135,175. He's doing so well that there's even a James Holzhauer Tracker on the Jeopardy! official website.

It lists the average money he's won per game ($75,678), number of runaway games (14 out of 15), his response accuracy (97%), his average bet per Daily Double ($9,584), his total correct Daily Doubles (34 out of 37), and his correct Final Jeopardy! rate (93%).

With his wins, he holds the record in a couple key categories, but he still has a few left to conquer.

He's Dominating the Single-Game Winnings Top-10 List

Before Holzhauer, Roger Craig held the top spot with $77,000 in his September 14, 2010, win.

However, Holzhauer has since dropped Craig down to the eighth spot on the list. He first beat his record on April 9 by winning $110,914.

He has since broken his own record, with his $131,127 win on April 17. He also holds the second ($118,816 on April 23), fourth ($106,181 on April 16), fifth ($90,812 on April 22), sixth ($89,158 on April 12), seventh ($80,006 on April 19), and 10th ($74,133 on April 18) spots for Single-Game Winnings.

Ken Jennings' $75,000 on July 23, 2004, is ninth.

He Reached $1 Million Much Faster Than Ken Jennings

For regular-season play, only two contestants have taken home over $1 million: Jennings and Holzhauer.

Jennings reached that mark in 30 games in 2004. Holzhauer reached it in just 14 games, on April 23.

He Has a Long Way to Go for Consecutive Games Won

Holzhauer is now at 15 consecutive wins, but Jennings holds the record with 74 games in 2004.

Before Holzhauer can tackle that record, he has to pass both Julia Collins (with 20 games in 2014) and David Madden (with 19 games in 2005).

He's Close to the Highest Winnings in Regular-Season Play Record

Jennings sits atop that list with $2,520,700, but Holzhauer is right behind him in the second spot — and almost halfway to that record.

It May Be Some Time Before We Know His Spot on the All-Time Winnings List

The Jeopardy! website doesn't have Holzhauer on that list, which includes tournaments, yet, but his earnings thus far would already rank him third.

Jennings' $3,370,700 is second to Brad Rutter's $4,688,440. Rutter won that in five regular games (at a time when contestants retired after five consecutive wins) and six tournaments and events.

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