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Sometimes you just want to tone down the constant loud noises that come along with modern life, whether you take public transportation to work, sleep so lightly that a passing car wakes you up, or need to turn down the volume at noisy concerts. These Shark Tank featured ear plugs make your day to day life a little more peaceful. Here’s why Amazon shoppers are raving about them and over 1,200 reviewers gave them an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Protect Your Hearing

These Vibes High Fidelity ear plugs reduce damaging decibel levels by up to 22 decibels, so you can protect your ears at noisy concerts, fireworks show, or while riding a motorcycle. They’re specifically designed to lower volume without affecting sound fidelity, so noise isn’t completely canceled out—it’s just reduced to manageable levels.

Combat Noise Sensitivity

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Because these ear plugs aren’t designed for complete noise cancellation, they’re perfect for anyone with noise sensitivity conditions including autism, sensory processing disorders, concussions, or tinnitus. They allow wearers to stay engaged and enjoy conversations while filtering out offensive noises to manageable levels. Several customers with noise sensitivity said these ear plugs were the solution they’d been waiting for.

Discreet Design

No one needs to know you’re toning down loud noises with Vibes High Fidelity ear plugs. The virtually invisible design includes low profile silicone ear plugs with a clear outer shell. Once they’re in your ears, they’re nearly impossible to spot. They also include three ear plug sizes to ensure a comfortable fit, and a pocket-sized case for portability.

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