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Bridal party boutique: 3 simply elegant DIY hairstyles for bridesmaids
Bridal party boutique: 3 simply elegant DIY hairstyles for bridesmaids

Bridal party boutique: 3 simply elegant DIY hairstyles for bridesmaids

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Bridal beauty specialists will share DIY hair tips for your bridal party.

When your bestie is your bridesmaid, your bond becomes that much stronger. However, along with all the excitement also comes eye-opening expenses for your friend, including bridesmaid dresses, shower gifts, bachelorette parties and more.

One of the ways bridesmaids can cut costs is by doing their own ’do for your wedding day. We recently spoke with Emily Miller Hair & Makeup’s team about simple styles anyone can accomplish that will leave them feeling beautiful and photo-ready for every magical moment of your day.

“It’s important to start with clean, dry hair,” says Sheana Helton, a Emily Miller Hair & Makeup stylist. “You’ll need two essential products: a texturizing powder and hairspray. With these two products, you can achieve any style with the proper tools.”

Bridal Video Phtos-Hair Styles-10.jpg

Sheana Helton, a Emily Miller Hair & Makeup stylist, suggests using both a texturizing powder and hairspray to insure your bridesmaid's hair lasts all day.

If members of your bridal party dare to DIY, the first look Helton recommends features old Hollywood waves, which she notes are very on-trend for current bridal styles.

This look starts with a side part before beginning the curls, which Helton says is all about the technique.

Bridal Video Phtos-Hair Styles.jpg

A very on-trend bridal hairstyle is Hollywood waves featuring a side part and curls.

“The way you wrap the hair around the iron will affect the outcome of your curl,” Helton says. “There are different types of curls, and we will be doing a twist wrap to achieve our look.”

And, of course, a beautiful hair accessory is essential when achieving this look to pin back a section of hair.

The second look Helton shares as one of the most accessible chic styles on-trend right now is what she calls a “sleek, Kim Kardashian look.”

“It’s probably the easiest to do,” she says.

This ’do starts with a center part and mild curls, which you’ll brush out in order to achieve maximum sheen.

“Don’t be afraid to brush out your curls,” Helton says. “Add a shine spray or shine pomade to tame frizz and add beautiful shine to your hair.”

The third and final recommended look pairs effortlessly with a bohemian wedding vibe and is what Helton calls the perfect messy bun.

Bridal Video Phtos-Hair Styles-7.jpg

The easy part about this style is it doesn't have to be perfect. The most important part is to hide the pins. 

“[It’s] super easy,” she says. “To create a messy look, try pulling or tugging pieces to create texture. The style doesn’t have to look perfect, but it is important to hide the pins!”

If these three styles aren’t your style, Helton says other simple styles to achieve are a simple half-up, half down look, a classic wave or a traditional bun.

“I feel like there are two types of styles [bridal parties want] right now,” she says. “One being the boho style, and the other being the classic glam.”

No matter your style of wedding, these gorgeous DIY hairdo tips will give your bridal party the confidence they need to get you down the aisle.

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