If you were lucky enough to receive an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot this holiday season, you’re probably still discovering new things about your device. The built-in personal assistant, Alexa, is known for providing quick answers to questions and pulling up your favorite song, but it can also do so much more. Here are 5 cool things you probably didn’t know Alexa could do.

1) Help you make dinner.

Just think of Alexa as your personal sous chef. Ask the Amazon assistant for quick and easy dinner recipes, healthy breakfast ideas, or how long to roast potatoes in the oven for instant access to recipes.

2) Order a pizza.

Don’t feel like cooking? No problem. You can use Alexa to order Domino’s pizza by creating a profile on the Domino’s website. Once you’ve created the profile, you can track the order with Alexa, and order again.

3) Finish your weekly errands.

If you’d rather spend your weekend catching up on your favorite series, or making plans with friends, let Alexa do your shopping for you. Simply say, “Alexa, let’s shop,” to start the process, and the assistant will give recommendations based on your Amazon order history. You can also ask Alexa to reorder items you bought from Amazon in the past.

4) Find peace of mind.

Alexa has dozens of free skills you can enable, including popular guided meditations. Ask Alexa for a ten-minute, two-minute, or hour-long meditation to open tracks, or say “Alexa, give me an affirmation,” for a quick positive pick me up.

5) Order a car without your phone.

Alexa can help you book your next ride without using your phone. Simply sync your Amazon Echo to your Uber account, then say, “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride.”

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation available from Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation available from Amazon