Here are brief biographies of local veterans of World War II who attended the Rapid City luncheon in their honor this month but were not photographed. These also feature the veteran's name, age, branch and location of service, and a vivid or lasting memory.

We also thank them dearly for their service to their nation and the world.

Gordon L. Campbell, 95

Born in Lead, resident of Spearfish

U.S. Army Captain, served in European Theater

“My most vivid and lasting impression is the death, ongoing devastation and the desperation on the faces of the civilians, especially the children.”

Ray Mello, 88

Born in Peadbody, Mass., resident of Rapid City

U.S. Air Force, Master Sergeant, stateside

“Little guy trying to get through basic training. Wow, Five-foot tall, 17 years old, 105 pounds.”

Willis Howard, 91

Born in Elkton, resident of Rapid City

Army corporal, headquarters 88th Division, Italy

“Basic training, Camp Roberts, Calif. Also, coming home on a liberty ship through a hurricane.”

Don Denevan, 93

Born in DeSmet, resident of Rapid City

Army corporal, European theater

“Being in a foxhole when the came around with a machine gun and asked if anybody knew how to operate it. I didn’t know, but I said yes and learned on the spot.”

Gerald Teachout, 91

Born in Shenandoah, Iowa, resident of Rapid City

Air Force, lieutenant colonel, stateside

“Training future pilots.”

James W. Savage, 88

Born in Whitesboro, Texas, resident of Rapid City

Private First Class, Army Air Force, Master Sergeant (Ret.), U.S. Air Force,

Served in the continental U.S.

“I am a veteran of WWII by act of Congress. Peace treaty was signed before I joined on my 18th birthday.”

Robert V. Miller, 92

Born in Canova, S.D., resident of Rapid City

Army First Cavalry, staff sergeant, Pacific Theater, Philippines, New Guinea, Japan, MacArthur Guard at signing of surrender.

“Being on the Missouri as MacArthur Guard detail during Japan signing the surrender.”

Loyd Brandt, 90

Born in Hamill, S.D., resident of Rapid City

U.S. Marine Corps, corporal, Pacific Theater

“I was at the base of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima when the flag was raised on the volcano.”

Morry Crow, 96

Born in Arlington, Wash., resident of Rapid City, S.D.

U.S. Army Air Corps Tech Sergeant (five stripes), served in United Kingdom and throughout Europe

“My most memorable moment was receiving the Purple Heart Medal and a presidential citation.”

Darrell Erickson, 91

Born in Unityville, S.D., resident of Rapid City

Army/ Air Force Corporal, served in Guam, Philippines and Spain.

Doc Lindermeyer, 90

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, resident of Rapid City

U.S. Army Sergeant, served in Europe

John A. Anderson, 89

Born in Minneapolis, Minn., resident of Rapid City

U.S. Army Private first class, served in Europe

“My most memorable moment was coming home.”

Benjamin Artichoker, 89

Born in Martin, S.D., resident of Rapid City

U.S. Marines Private first class, served in California, Hawaii, Guam and Japan

“My most memorable moment was seeing Nagasaki, Japan. The atomic blast area.”

Lauren Luedman, 93

Born in Lexington, Neb., resident of Quinn, S.D.

U.S. Army Technician Third Grade, served in Philippines and Japan

“I was the 1st scout and after war was over I transferred to motor pool.”

Earl Raymond, 90

Born in Aberdeen, S.D., resident of Rapid City

U.S. Navy Seaman first class, served in Pacific and Hawaii

“My most memorable moment was resting my poor, tired soul for a whole week in Hawaii, Okinawa and China. In the service I met two seamen, we stayed together and got out at the same time. We were in the terrific storm in Okinawa after we left there. Going into the great war we three got off the ship in every place we were, when we came to the U.S.A. we took a three day vacation in Sacramento. It was one of the greatest places to go. One of the things we had was a car, one of my friend’s sisters let us drive, we got into a little accident and ended up in a ditch. Our ship came and got us.”

George Woodrow, 93

Born in Miller Co., Mo., resident of Rapid City

Navy Aviation, Germany; 2nd class Air Force, South Pacific

“Battle of Leyte Gulf and hurricane off Leyte Gulf, the Leyte Gulf War was the largest gathering of ship in the world. You can’t imagine how large this was … miles of ships.”

LeRoy Spoering, 90

Born in Bison, S.D., resident of Bison, S.D.

U.S. Navy Third Class Petty Officer Ship Cook, served in South Pacific

Al Shaw, 91

Born in Slayton, Minn., resident of Belle Fourche, S.D.

U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant, served in England

“My most memorable moment was landing after each mission.”

E.C. Barcom, 91

Born in Bonesteel, resident of Rapid City

Radio 3, Pacific Theater

Floyd R. Mills, 89

Born in Appleton, Minn., Resident of Custer, S.D.

U.S. Navy Sergeant First Class, served in South Pacific.

“Riding out a typhoon where one or two destroyers went bottom up.”

Arno Shroeder, 91

Born in Spearfish, S.D., resident of Dolton, S.D.

U.S. Marines Private First Class, South Pacific, China, Oklahoma and Guam

“Seeing my buddies losing their lives.”

Harry Gerbracht, 95

Born in Hettinger, N.D.

U.S. Army in the Pacific

Grant Muse, 90

Born in Junction City, Kan., resident of Custer

Navy aviation photographer, served in West Coast of U.S.

Allen Gibbs, 94

Born in Newcastle, Neb., resident of Rapid City

T-4, U.S. Army, infantry, serving in Mississippi; Louisiana; Virginia; New Guinea; Morotai Island, Indonesia; Mindanao, Philippines

“While in a tent hospital in Mindanao (sick, not wounded) and just received word from comrade who was visiting me that our unit had received orders for starting training for an amphibious landing on the Japanese mainland and a fellow patient ran in shouting, ‘Burn up the pesos, they dropped some special bomb and the war will soon be over.’ The date was Aug. 6, 1945. We saw the Enola Gay on our Honor Flight. I would have kissed it if I could have reached it.”

Bob Regan

Born in Faith, resident of Sturgis

Pilot, Army Air Force

Eugene Haviland, 88

Born in Bronson, Iowa, resident of Rapid City

Tech Sergeant, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force

Served at Alameda Air Station, California

Howard Krueger, 89

Born in Quinn, resident of Rapid City

Private, U.S. Army

Served in the continental U.S.

“My lasting memory is V-J Day, the surrender of Japan”

Robert Ramaley, 90

Born in St. Paul, Minn., resident of Rapid City

Sergeant, U.S. Army

EO, Pacific

“Being aboard an attack transport in the Pacific when the A-bomb was dropped.”

Edwin I. Boyd, 100

Born in Mount Joy, Ohio, resident of Rapid City

Lieutenant Colonel, Air Armament Center and Army Air Forces, U.S. Air Force

“Flying anti-submarine warfare duty in the Caribbean; sinking of German submarine, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross”

Tom Henderson, 92

Born in Vivian, resident of Rapid City

Private First Class, U.S. Army

Europe, France, VC Day; Pacific, Philippines, Japan, Philippines VJ Day

“Battle of the Bulge in Europe and in the Philippines waiting to invade Japan on VJ Day”

Elton Royce Uhrig, 88

Born in Grant County, N.D., resident of Lead

Petty Officer 3rd, U.S. Navy, Okinawa Japan

“Smallest of the islands, only about one mile across the center. Also, received one beer per day.”

Clifford “Ki” Caserio, 89

Born in Lead, resident of Lead

Machinist 3rd, U.S. Navy, Kodiak, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

Calvin Bisgaard, 83

Born in Rapid City, resident of Nisland

Staff Sergeant, Army Air Force (U.S. Army Korea)

Pacific Okinawa occupation

Stan Lieberman, 98

Born in Worcester, Mass., resident of Rapid City

Staff Sergeant Army Air Corp

Aerial photography

“Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor at Wheeler Field shooing at the Jap airplanes with a 50 cal. machine gun, but I couldn’t hit anything. I flew over Pearl in a B-18 and photographed all the damage from the attack, which was shared with the people of the U.S. on Dec. 9, 1941.”

Richard Parham, 91

Born in Kingfisher, Okla., resident of Rapid City

Corporal, U.S. Army

Leyte and Okinawa South Pacific

“Being discharged, 1946, May 15”

John Gaston, 91

Born in Springfield, Ark., resident of Newcastle, Wyo.

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force, P-5 Pilot in Europe with the Army Air Corps

“Completing 50th combat mission”

Lionel McMillin, 91

Born in Anoka, Neb.

U.S. Navy, convoy from New York to Dublin, Ireland

“Shore leave with my buddies”

Wayne F. Haerer, 95

Born in Philip, resident of Sturgis

Private First Class, U.S. Army, South Pacific, Pearl Harbor, New Guinea, Australia

“First American troops headed overseas for Pearl Harbor”

Roger Denman, 86

Born in Carpenter, S.D., resident of Rapid City

Army Air Corps, Tech Sergeant

“My last tour of duty was flying coal into Berlin with old worn out airplanes.”

Verne Sheppard

Born in Waupaca, Wis., resident of Rapid City

Radio operator, Army Air Force, Many western states and Pacific including Pearl Harbor, all or most islands to Guam, China, Philippines and finally Japan

“Midway between Pearl Harbor and the West Coast we had an engine acting up, didn’t last and everything turned out OK. But it sure got our attention.”

Al Albrecht, 90

Born in Pipestone, Minn., resident of Rapid City

Sergeant, U.S. Army, Invasion of Okinawa

“Losing friends and buddies”

Merl L. Flatt

Born in Rapid City, resident of Rapid City

AOM Third Class, U.S. Navy, Pacific Ocean, USS Cowpens

“Being in a typhoon”

Dean Myers, 95

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, resident of Rapid City

Army Air Force, infantry, Second Lieutenant, Pacific Theater

"Was assigned to Hakken Field next to Pearl Harbor in 1942 soon after the attack by Japan. I was part of the defensive preparation in fear of another attack by Japan. Fortunately, another attack did not come, but it was a critical mission at that time."

Leo Erhart, 94

Belle Fourche, S.D.

Army 86th Regiment Mountain division infantry, Rome Arno, Po Valley

"Rome Arno was where the war ended for us. The war was supposed to end earlier, as the Germans had wanted to surrender. But word didn't get to us. We were notified the second of May, 1945, at 1:15 in the afternoon."

George Woodrow Shelton, 93

Born in Missouri, resident of Rapid City

Navy aviation mechanic, South Pacific theater

"A hurricane stuck the Leyte Gulf. The Leyte Gulf war was the largest gathering of ships in the world. You can't imagine how large; just miles and miles of ships."

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