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Nordstrom strong voice for citizens 

Let Ritchie Nordstrom represent you in Ward 2 for City Council.

A retired city employee who has worked hard in his job and who cares intensely about his neighborhood and city, Ritchie will be a strong voice for helping curb unnecessary spending and setting priorities for improving infrastructure in the neighborhoods where it’s most needed.

His experience as a city employee has helped him understand the needs of

ordinary citizens and gives him the needed background to serve on the council.

He is a good listener and will take your needs to his colleagues.

Please vote for Ritchie Nordstrom on June 7.


Rapid City

Fix infrastructure to create jobs

What happened to the cry for jobs this last election? Now it’s the debt  but I fail to see how all these cuts, which create more unemployment, will help.

More people could lose their insurance, their homes and will spend less. As

always, the cuts are to low-income, schools, children’s programs and the elderly.

I heard a little known fact on CNN. If our unemployment dropped to 5  percent it would take care of two-thirds of our debt.

If we started rebuilding  roads, bridges and other

infrastructure, we could put hundreds of thousands back to work. We’re spending

$1 billion a week on two wars,  yet we’re looking at cutting Medicare as we know it.

The middle class — what’s left of it — is mad at the poor. What about the millionaires and the corporations who pay no taxes?

If you’re going to call your representatives, tell them to get back to jobs. Remember 5 percent unemployment equals paying two-thirds of the debt.


Hot Springs

Bear Country could use more billboards

Ever since I made a trip back to the Philadelphia area eight years ago, and saw hundreds of monstrous billboards every 500 yards or so between the airport and the city, I’ve written numerous letters to city, county, state and federal officials pleading for protection from their proliferation.

Now we’re faced with the same dilemma. Hopefully, other concerned citizens will decide what’s best for our community next month. We can’t legally force removal of these existing eyesores and probably wouldn’t consider taxing them out of existence, but there’s a better solution.

Since Bear Country is one of the largest, most successful tourist attractions in the state, why not permit them unlimited construction of their two- and three-sided digital monstrosities, mandating  that they erect one every 200 yards along the roads through Bear Country.

Imagine the favorable comments they’d receive from tourists about how much they add to the atmosphere and beauty of the area and how much more interest they generated in other area businesses.

What say, Brendan?

(Note: Brendan Casey recently sold his share of Bear Country U.S.A. to other family members.)


Rapid City

Laurenti advocates more cooperation

My support goes for the council candidate in Ward 2  with strong conservative values,  Steve Laurenti.

He has the understanding, fortitude and the will to work with elected officials to keep Rapid City’s budget balanced. Let’s make city hall accountable, end waste and fraud (landfill fiasco) and no more witch-hunt censure proceedings.

I’ve heard him say, “You can get a lot more done with cooperation than with contentiousness.”

I am impressed with Steve Laurenti’s ability to work with everyone  presenting his ideas and solutions with clear understanding.

He’s a good listener, thoughtful and considerate to all. I think he cares about all of our interests because he shares them too.

Laurenti is a man with focus on government by the people and for the people, who promises to pay attention to the concerns of all citizens of Rapid City, in the private sector and in government positions.

People who vote and are involved in our election process can make  important and sweeping changes. It is time for new leaders with new ideas. Vote for Steve Laurenti for city council Ward 2.



Rapid City

Young voices good for school board 

Patrick Fink is the right man for the Rapid City school board. I spent 12 weeks last fall taking a leadership class with Patrick and got to know a lot about him, both personally and professionally.

As a young husband and new father, he has a vested interest in helping to guide and steer the Rapid City Board of Education for the next few years and into the future.

I am encouraged when young people such as Patrick step forward to get involved in their community.  So often it falls to people who have retired and seem to have more time. Although that’s not a bad thing, we also need younger folks like Patrick to get into public service as they continue to grow in this community.

Please help me support Patrick Fink by voting for him on June 7 for the Ward 3 representative for Rapid City Area Schools Board.

I know that you will be as impressed with Patrick as I am. Patrick believes in his kids, your kids and our community.


Rapid City

Bin Laden death not about getting even

Regarding Margaret Minkel’s May 6 letter: This isn’t about getting even, nor has it ever been about oil.

It is about going after the people who planned terrorist acts against our country. Read Charles Krauthammer’s column on May 9.

Now bin Laden is dead, but the No. 2 man is still out there. And al-Qaida has sworn vengeance for the killing. There are sleeper cells we need to worry about. We shouldn’t think we were trying to get even.

I wish he had been taken alive. Even now there are conflicting stories about what happened. I can’t

believe the code name. It has been a long time coming, but not 10 years.

Remember the Saudi government was going to give him to the U.S. during the Clinton administration. The president didn’t think there was enough evidence to take him. Bush said he’d go after him, but there was some strange business as to why he was apprehended then. Now, during the second year of his presidency, Obama said the words we waited so long to hear: “Justice has been done.” Of course people rejoiced.

If  bin Laden hadn’t been captured or killed during Obama’s term, the next president would have to take up the mission.


Rapid City

Obama still weak on defense 

Obama the greatest and smartest president ever? Yeah right. If he is as brilliant as some portray him, why isn’t he smart enough to see his policies will destroy the very fabric of America and its way of life for decades to come?

Then there was his brilliant decision to go after Osama. Obama only took on Osama because he had to. Do you think for one minute the American people would re-elect Obama if they knew he had let Osama get away? Obama is as weak as ever on saving and defending America. He was only trying to save and defend his presidency, not the American people.


Black Hawk

Rippentrop effective, energetic 

I endorse Kay Rippentrop for Rapid City Council from Ward 5. I have known Kay for over 20 years and worked closely with her for nine  years. As an employee in the mayor’s office for over 40 years, she attained outstanding rapport with 11 mayors and hundreds of council members.

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She was a dedicated and  knowledgeable staff member who always presented facts and solutions.

Her expertise includes all levels of city management, from the bottom up and the top down, achieved through positive thinking and innovative, energetic approaches to problem solving.

Kay is extremely intelligent and innovative, as well as an effective communicator. She is self confident, decisive, firm in her convictions and listens with an open mind. Kay Rippentrop has the background and

experience to represent Ward 5 in an exceptional manner. Please join me in supporting Kay as our representative from Ward 5.


Rapid City

Support still strong despite stolen sign


Since early April, we have had a sign supporting Sam Kooiker for mayor in our front yard on Tomahawk Drive. This sign has withstood high winds, numerous snow and sleet squalls and one torrential rain and hail storm.

On the evening of May 7, someone (or someones) chose to remove it from our yard. We do not know their motive; we can only speculate. We do know, however, it was not their property to steal. This theft has in no way diminished our support for Sam. We feel Sam will be an outstanding mayor for Rapid City and all its citizens. He will be accessible to everyone and not tied to special interest groups, wealthy politicians and developers as past mayors have been.

Your vote on June 7 will determine Rapid City’s future for the next two years. Please join us in voting for Sam Kooiker for mayor.



Rapid City

Billboard initiatives are reasonable

The two billboard initiatives should receive a supportive yes vote. For many, many years, the issue has been a consistent controversy.

Due to the continued free-range attitude of the two billboard companies and their disregard of public opinion, over 4,000 citizens demanded the issue be placed on the ballot.

The initiatives are quite simple and reasonable. One supports a reasonable

request for spacing, lighting and size for new billboard structures. The second allows the billboard companies to use their “sign credit promise” within 20 years.

Lamar, Epic and Daktronics have joined forces to campaign that it hurts tourism, is bad for business, and it is a taking of property. Those claims are false.

The measures ensure that the 400 current board faces in  Rapid City are exempt. This protection is both reasonable and supportive of the billboard industry.

Here’s something unreasonable: Since last month 23 new billboard permits were requested by Epic and Lamar.


Rapid City

If born in America, you’re American

I am of mixed origin — Spanish, Chinese, Guamanian, German and Polish. If the president were white and named Bart Oberstar, he should produce a proper birth certificate. Brown, white, black, yellow, red, rules should be followed.

I believe Obama won because he is African American. A president should be elected on experience,character and qualities.

He was born in Hawaii.  If you are born in America, then you are an American. If ethnicity is required, then you would be American-African. You are only a German-American if you were born in Germany then obtained U.S. citizenship.

On another topic: All U.S. citizens should work and pay taxes. Government assistance is temporary. No one receives unemployment and sits home. Government officials implemented

Social Security and Medicaid, so it should be good enough for them. Candidates should spend as little money as possible on their campaigns to show  voters they are fiscally responsible. Hmm, maybe I should run for president.




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