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Body Talk taps into body’s energy pathways

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The stress of day-to-day activities and an unhealthy lifestyle can often leave one’s body feeling sluggish or facing illness. A new holistic therapeutic approach aims to help the body heal itself.

During a session at the Rapid City Public Library, local Body Talk practitioner Melanie Palm explained the processes behind the new wellness technique.

“It is very unique to you and your experience. Each person experiences it different,” Palm said Saturday.

Similar to acupuncture, Body Talk therapy aims to open the communication pathways for the body’s cells. By opening the pathways, the body’s energy is able to help return balance to the body. Body Talk is a combination of Western medicine, Eastern medicine and quantum physics. In the simplest terms, by tapping on the head and the heart, one taps into the body’s energy pathways and helps clear the pathways so the body can communicate at a most basic level, Palm said.

Retired surgeon John Bedingfield has been interested in energy medicine for almost 30 years. During that time he has studied numerous energy modalities. When he started studying Body Talk last spring, he was impressed with the connection between the body and brain.

“We have the innate ability to heal things that go wrong,” he said. “When we cut ourselves or have surgery our body heals itself. It’s that body/brain connection.”

Bedingfield said Body Talk is not a replacement for traditional medicine; it is complementary to the traditional approach to medicine.

“It doesn’t replace, it just adds to it,” he said. “It doesn’t diagnose or treat; it just helps the body with its natural ability to heal.”

Palm is one of two practitioners in South Dakota. She has seen an increase in interest in Body Talk from people throughout the region. In addition to Palm and fellow practitioner Jennifer Utter, there are about 75 practitioners-in-training in the area, including a lawyer, an asphalt layer, a teacher and a mom.

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“It will become a sudden and integral part of society, just like brushing your teeth. Originally people didn’t believe in brushing their teeth regularly; now it’s normal to brush your teeth each day,” Palm said.

Developed by Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, philosopher and author, the process focuses on five access techniques.

“It has spread so quickly because it is simple, safe and effective,” Palm said.

The first access technique is the balancing of the cortices. By balancing the cortices, the communication channels are opening up in the body.

“Every cell should talk to every other cell. But our body gets beat down by stress, environmental factors and spiritual factors,” Palm said. “It goes to each person’s unique needs. It gets the cells talking to each other again.”

The second access technique is resetting the stress threshold. The third technique is hydration, which doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of water an individual drinks, but how the water is metabolized. The fourth technique is body chemistry, which is accomplished by balancing the immune system. Depending on individual circumstances a person could need to have the immune system softened or hardened. The fifth and final technique is the reciprocal technique. This step allows for communication throughout the major parts of the body, including the musculoskeletal.

“We are impacted daily by stress, poor diet, no exercise,” Bedingfield said. “The daily grind and the lack of ability to relax impact the body. (Body Talk) gets the body into a deeper state of relax.”

When an individual begins working with Body Talk they may notice subtle changes in their wellbeing or for some it may be a more dramatic response, Palm said.

“You need to do (Body Talk) daily for a month,” Bedingfield said. “You’ll have an internal shift, whether you know it or not; you may sleep better or be more calm.”


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