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I paid through the nose to get my sidewalks fixed so the city didn't sue me. So why aren't the streets and railroad crossings fixed, they are a disgrace to this town.

I wish the Rally would come every month. That's the only time they put enough resources on the job to get anything done.

Maybe the families that get their children bused to-and-from school should have to pay for that service. Most of us have to get our children to-and-from school which is a parent's responsibility ... we all have to work.

Aren't we trying to reduce distracted driving, not promoting it.

It seems most everyday some taxpayer supported organization is looking for increased funds, now the schools. Not once have I ever seen an organization talk about what they are doing to reduce expenses.

Why is it so difficult for Rapid City to keep crosswalk signs painted? How do drivers know to stop if they can't even see the crosswalk?

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The eight things the Mayor wants to decrease funding for, are the things Rapid City is most proud of. It would be a bleak place to live without these facilities staying vibrant.

What is the point of voting in Rapid City when our voice is just overturned by city government.  

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