The need to trust has consumed the thoughts of the Reinhold family since an early autumn blizzard swept through the Alkali breaks on their land in eastern Meade County two weeks ago.

The Reinholds, owners of Rainbow Bible Ranch and Lonetree Ranch north of Rapid City on Elk Vale Road, lost a handful of cattle in the storm, but tragically lost 90 horses, 25 of which were the cornerstone of the herd used for kids to ride during summer camps.

"We're praying that God will provide the finances and people to help us replace these horses," said Larry Reinhold, owner and manager, whose family's livelihood is tied to the livestock.

The Reinholds heeded the warnings about the approaching blizzard and moved the horses to the breaks.

"Normally, they've always been OK in the breaks," he said.

But when the storm finally subsided and they were able to make it to where they left the horses, they discovered the massive loss.

Reinhold said his young son Caleb told him that as he looked over the dead horses he couldn't help but be reminded of the joy they had brought to so many youngsters who attended camp at Rainbow Bible Ranch over the years.

Reinhold's daughters are wranglers of the mostly American Quarter Horse herd.

"We had to ride through deep drifts to get there Monday morning," said 19-year-old Rachel. "It was pretty rough to look at. You know each one of them by name."

Her 17-year-old sister, Molly, says the tragedy is deeply personal because as a horse wrangler she felt responsible for the animals.

"We just have to keep trusting," she said. "We know that something good will ultimately come from this."

The good already has surfaced. Just last week, the Reinhold's received word that the Menno High School chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes had committed $500 to a fund to help replenish the herd.

Ken Wintersteen, an adviser for the club in eastern South Dakota, said that the club had helped the camp with hay and feed over the years, so when they heard about the awful losses, they wanted to help.

"I grew up with horses and have a fond spot in my heart for horses," he said.

Wintersteen, who farms near Olivet, said the Olivet United Methodist Church also plans to send $2,500 to the Rainbow Bible Ranch effort.

And the Reinholds also received a large envelope in the mail filled with handmade cards of encouragment from youth at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church in Rapid City.

"With prayers and support like we have received so far, we will be in operation for years to come," he said.

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