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To the public of Dawes County,

First of all I would like to thank the people of Dawes County that I have served, worked with and waited on for 16 years. I am writing this letter to clear up any misconceptions of my departure from the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office as Interim Treasurer. I have heard different things and rumors, and I though the community needed to know from me before it gets over-rumored.

I was appointed interim treasurer by the Board of Commissioners after Treasurer (Barb) Sebesta resigned. They gave me the option to take her position with treasurer’s pay, benefits and insurance until a new treasurer was appointed through an application process and interview based upon points by the County Board of Commissioners and Human Resource Office.

They informed me at that time if I would not be selected as treasurer, I had the option to do that or keep my status with deputy pay, vacation, sick time and compensation time that I have accrued. If I did not keep that status I would have to start at zero if a new treasurer took office.

On the 29th of August they selected Ms. Sparks as the new county treasurer. I was a little offended but not surprised with all that has happened in the last year. I have worked in the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office for 16 years, starting from the bottom and worked my way up, enduring the many changes over that period. I have done every phase and duty that the treasurer’s office requires, and put in a lot of extra time and effort into being the best I can be.

I don’t believe I was judged fairly by the commissioners on who was the best qualified for the position due to my experience, longevity and dedication.

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On the 30th of August I was informed by Commissioner Chairman (Jake) Stewart that I would no longer be employed by Dawes County as of the 18th of September. What authority do the commissioners have to hire/fire or appoint a new deputy? I was told that it is the official’s duty to select his/her deputy or to hire/fire or appoint a new deputy. The commissioners do not have the authority to tell a county official how to run their office. So I came to the conclusion after a few hours of contemplating that I was no longer needed by Dawes County. That is when I made my decision to end my employment immediately.

I am sorry if I disappointed any of you, but I do have to keep some pride and self esteem. Please understand my decision. And, maybe, I will consider running for office again; never give up on your goals.

Rhonda Schleuning


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