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Dear Editor,

In response to Carol Sanders’ previous letter, I’d like to say how much I agree with her when she said we need to care for one another; however, I’d like to also caution not to believe everything you hear.

The man who was found deceased did not live on the second floor and there was no television outside his apartment. There were some boxes he had shipped to himself from where he came. This often happens and it takes people time to find place in their apartment to put them. So, seeing them in the hall was not totally unusual.

This tenant had only moved in a couple of months ago. He kept to himself and had no family in the area. Not seeing him was not unusual. Often, we only see tenants when they pay their rent and sometimes not even then, if they mail their rent or put it in the box for us to pick up. Sometimes the only time we see them is when it’s time for their recertification, which is once a year.

The housing we provide is not assisted living, which means it is up to the tenants themselves to be able to take care of themselves or find someone to help them. This doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to who we see, or in this case don’t see, it’s just that it’s not uncommon to not see tenants, especially when they live in a different building than where the office is located.

This being said, like Carol, I would also like to encourage people to take notice of who you see and if you think someone may need help, either go check on them or call the police and ask them if they would please do a welfare check.

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Jodene Penny

Chadron Housing Authority Executive Director

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