STURGIS | Call him Crazy. He just wants to make you smile.

“I’m Crazy,” he said, when asked his name. “I’ve been doing this for over 11 years.”

Crazy has been wandering the streets of Sturgis for the past couple days, holding up a cardboard placard hand-lettered with “Smile. It’s more fun,” with a heart-shaped smiley face drawn in for good measure.

Asking Crazy where he came from triggers a well-developed monologue of one-liners.

Obviously, he is asked this a lot.

“I came from my Mom with a lot of help from my Dad, or I wouldn’t have ended up male,” he quips.

Crazy does claim Spokane, Wash., as the start of his journey of enticing smiles. Otherwise, he is from nowhere, and everywhere.

“I’m from the Planet Earth, because where you were born has nothing to do with what you are,” he said.

His philosophy of life, in a nutshell: “You’re born, You die, you occupy your time in between,” he said.

Crazy said he has gotten “thousands” of smiles in the last few days in Sturgis.

He hitchhikes to get from one place to another, with getting to Sturgis a challenge because of all the motorcycles, he said.

He calls flashing the smile sign a form of self-therapy.

"This is my anger management,” he said “It’s a whole new high.

“It’s free. It’s legal. They can’t stop me because I don’t take anything from anybody,” he said.

Sure enough, unfolding his simple message of happiness didn’t fail to garner at least an upside-down frown to an outright toothy grin among the denizens of Sturgis’ Main Street.

When you're Crazy, that's as good as it gets.

“For that split second they react, I just cleared their mind of everything. There’s nothing better,” he said.

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