Jasmin Fosheim of Pierre was named a Randall Scholar at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell and received at $15,000-a-year scholarship.

Cassidy Vollmer of Hot Springs and Luke McFarland of Spearfish received Trustee Academic/Athletic scholarships at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell. Jaylen Uthe of Presho received a Trustee scholarship.

Two South Dakota cadets from the local area selected for the Civil Air Patrol’s Civil Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C. won $500 scholarships to help them attend the event. Cadet Col. William Small, a member of the Lookout Mountain Composite Squadron in Spearfish, and Cadet Capt. Joshua Busch, a member of the Rushmore Composite Squadron in Rapid City, attended the academy from Feb. 23 to March 2.


Samantha Sleep, Spearfish, Kaitlin Peterson and David Strain, both of Sturgis, and Austin Howard, Rapid City, received $1,000 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo Scholarships from the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce Ag & Natural Resources Committee. Bailey Hapney of Wall received a $500 scholarship from Western Dakota Technical Institute and the committee.


Anthony Greco of Rapid City graduated from the University of Oklahoma Norman with a Master of Arts in admin leadership.


Belle Fourche High School senior Zac Christy was the first finalist in KEVN Black Hills FOX’s Rising Star of the West scholarship contest. He will now be back on the air in April and May, competing with the other three finalists for $7,500 in scholarship money.

Wall High School senior Kailey Rae Sawvell was featured on Black Hills FOX News at 9 on Feb. 19 as part of the Rising Star of the West scholarship contest. Homeschool senior Rae McKee was featured Feb. 20; Spearfish High School senior Miranda Meeker was featured Feb. 21; and Central High School senior Tori Holt was featured Feb. 22.

Academic honors

Karen Balsley, Alyssa Mastel and Casey Nordine, all of Rapid City, were named to the fall semester dean’s list at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn.

Justin Bach and David Powers, both of Belle Fourche, were named to the president’s list at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown. Both earned a 4.0.

Kyle Jensen of Rapid City was named to the fall semester dean’s list at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.

Hayden Fuchs of Rapid City was named to the fall semester honor roll at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Kia Tucker of Nemo was named to the fall dean's list at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minn.

Kimberly Gray of Rapid City was named to the fall semester chancellor's list at St. Luke's College in Sioux City, Iowa. 

Taylor Dixon of Rapid City was named to the fall president's list at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls. 

Rachel Kostaneski was named to the fall semester dean's list at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Abbie Palmer and Charles Tirey, both of Rapid City, were named to the first semester dean’s list at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.

The following students from the local area were named to the fall semester dean’s list/honor roll at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Solomon Carter Smith, Deadwood; Melissa Bucknall, Carson Crawford, Brendan Feehan, Heidi Hollan, Sarah Huebner, Natasha Jeske, Samuel Pahlke, Molly Rezich, Jared Roehrich, and Sarah Uhl, all of Rapid City; and Paula Andrie, Gillette, Wyo.

The following students were named to the fall semester dean’s list at Western Dakota Tech: Aberdeen: Eric Heier, Computer Science; Belle Fourche: Valerie Austin, Medical Assisting; Daniel Gentrup, Computer Science; Andrew Harvey, Environmental Engineering Tech; Black Hawk: Courtney Backes, Library Technician; Jess Carroll, Fire Science; Sarah Davis, Environmental Engineering Tech; Megan Holsworth, Accounting; Jacquelyn Hopkins, Practical Nursing; Amber Peterson, Allied Health; Becky Pitts, Practical Nursing; Box Elder: Erin Atkins, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Debra Barta, Health Information Management; Trevor Batty, Fire Science; Shane Dixon, Electrical Trades; Anastacia Gonzalez-Ramey, Pharmacy Technician; Mae Heikkinen, Law Enforcement Technology; Rodney Kindle, Electrical Trades; William Overturff, Welding Manufacturing; Mindy Peterson, Library Technician; Debra Rice, Accounting; Amanda Todd, Pharmacy Technician; Buffalo: Caleb Davis, Computer Science; Central City: Tracy Yeargan, Practical Nursing; Colome: Cole Shippy, Transportation Technology; Custer: Caitlan Nielsen, Medical Assisting; Christian Raby, Fire Science; Edgemont: Nicole Hartley, Computer Science; Ellsworth AFB: Leonard Archer, Transportation Technology; Ciera Ehly, Pharmacy Technician; Ashley Keeler, Pharmacy Technician; Ashley Miller, Medical Assisting; Fruitdale: Victoria Pickett, Program Comp Network-Net Admin; Gillette, Wyo.: Courtney Ryno, Practical Nursing; Hermosa: Loren Freeman, Welding Manufacturing; Neal Svenson, Business; Hettinger: Dylan Chadwick, Electrical Trades; Highmore: Thomas Gravatt, Electrical Trades; Hill City: Rudi McDaniels, Business Management & Marketing; Hot Springs: William Kennedy, Computer Science; Coleman McNulty, Electrical Trades; Jonathan Morrison, Welding Manufacturing; Huron: James Hess, Transportation Technology; Inman: John Klabenes, Welding Manufacturing; Lake Andes: Colter Florey, Fire Science; Lead: Remo Addington, Business Management & Marketing; Michelle Black Crow, Practical Nursing; Melissa Dubej, Pharmacy Technician; Thomas Harvey, Paramedic; Lauren Hoffman, Desiree Phinney, Phlebotomy; Mission: Shauna Gentry, Pharmacy Technician; Nemo: Jeffrey Bechard, Computer Aided Drafting; New Underwood: Darryl Meadows, Medical Assisting; Newcastle: Peyton Messmer, Electrical Trades; Nisland: Brad Reid, Electrical Trades; Brodie Shaykett, Transportation Technology; Oglala: Ryan McLaughlin, Electrical Trades; Piedmont: Maggie Fulton, Health Information Management; Angelica Givens, Practical Nursing; Brock Williams, Electrical Trades; Rapid City: Robert Ackerman, Phlebotomy; Jarrod Anderson, Electrical Trades; Krista Andrews, Medical Assisting; Heather Arnold, Accounting; David Askew, Health Information Management; Randy Bailey, Electrical Trades; Michael Baird, Computer Science; Daniel Baker, Welding Manufacturing; John Barnes, Surgical Tech; Adam Bartling, Electrical Trades; Rachel Berg, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Kevin Bergman, Environmental Engineering Tech; Braden Bilyeu, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Aja Birch, Accounting; Kristen Birnie, Accounting; Jory Blair, Electrical Trades; Thomas Bottomley, Electrical Trades; George Bradstream, Program Comp Network-Net Admin; Lindsey Brinson, Paramedic; Rebbecca Campbell, Business Management & Marketing; Melissa Carlson, Paramedic; Nathan Cherry, Fire Science; Eden Clifford, Business; Christal Collins, Environmental Engineering Tech; Jessica Cook, Allied Health; Jacqueline Crespo, Paramedic; Debra Culp, Library Technician; Chad Curtis, Electrical Trades; Dean Day, Fire Science; Vanessa Derby, Allied Health; Lawrence Eagle Bull, Electrical Trades; Matt Erickson, Program Comp Network-Net Admin; Zachery Erickson, Electrical Trades; John Etchison, Environmental Engineering Tech; Sandra Fakan, Health Information Management; Samantha Feliz, Medical Assisting; Terri Fields, Computer Aided Drafting; Ryan Flynn, Fire Science; Frank Foster, Business Management & Marketing; Myckiel Franciliso, Electrical Trades; Hannah Franz, Program Comp Network-Programming; Aaron Giedd, Computer Aided Drafting; Christopher Gollan, Business; Marilyn Goodlow, Health Information Management; Thomas Gorder, Program & Application Dev; Brenda Graybill, Practical Nursing; Christopher Gregory, Electrical Trades; Kristen Handley, Practical Nursing; Nathan Harris, Paramedic; Julie Hatto, Pharmacy Technician; Teressa Henry, Pharmacy Technician; Darci Herman, Phlebotomy; Vanessa Herz, Law Enforcement Technology; Tyler Hicks, Fire Science; Jeffrey Hirth, Business Management & Marketing; Charissa Hitchcock, Accounting; James Hoey, Business Management & Marketing; Danny Holsworth, Welding Manufacturing; Lindsey Howard, Phlebotomy; Marilyn Huckfeldt, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Spencer Hull, Electrical Trades; Alexander Ingalls, Paramedic; Jessica James, Business Management & Marketing; Amy Jandreau, Practical Nursing; Brooke Janis, Business; Jarid Jeske, Paramedic; Colton Juso, Law Enforcement Technology; Alex Keller, Fire Science; Cara Kelly, Practical Nursing; Eugene Kerchenko, Transportation Technology; Taylor Kerr, Medical Assisting; Cassie Kindred, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Tonya Kraye, Pharmacy Technician; Shawna Larsh, Practical Nursing; Jessica Linde, Pharmacy Technician; Terry Lindholm, Program Comp Network-Programming; Jayme Lopez, Medical Assisting; Chase Maas, Transportation Technology; Nathan Mahle, Transportation Technology; Karelyn Mater, Electrical Trades; Crystal May, Medical Assisting; Lisa McCormick, Accounting; Matthew McTee, Computer Aided Drafting; Steven Moore, Computer Science; Jana Morris, Environmental Engineering Tech; Jessica Mutschelknaus, Allied Health; Donald Myhre, Electrical Trades; Roger Naber, Computer Science; Jeramy Nunn, Electrical Trades; Paul Oddo, Fire Science; Jason Pate, Welding Manufacturing; Jay Pearson Jr, Program & Application Dev; Lori Pendleton, Health Information Management; Christofer Perry, Paramedic; Joshua Peterson, Electrical Trades; Matthew Peterson, Environmental Engineering Tech; Lexi Pletten, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Shannon Powell, Electrical Trades; Carolyn Priest, Practical Nursing; Shane Quigley, Fire Science; Jacob Ragels, Fire Science; Derrick Rauch, Program Comp Network-Programming; Zachary Rehurek, Fire Science; Elizabeth Reindl, Phlebotomy; Alice Robertson, Business Management & Marketing; Cameron Rombough, Program Comp Network-Programming; Brady Rothschadl, Fire Science; Virginia Roy-Daily, Paramedic; Logan Rushton, Welding Manufacturing; Kimberly Sanders, Business Management & Marketing; Hannah Schmitz, Computer Aided Drafting; Brooke Scott, Allied Health; Logan Scott, Fire Science; Matthew Scott, Electrical Trades; Tracy Shinost, Accounting; Dawn Sime, Health Information Management; Candance Smidt, Pharmacy Technician; Andrea Smith, Pharmacy Technician; Cody Smith, Paramedic; Jeremy Snyder, Accounting; Rachael Speas, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Sarah Stewart, Paramedic; Michael Stierwalt, Transportation Technology; Chandra Strohm, Medical Assisting; Theresa Sullivan, Phlebotomy; Anthony Tate, Computer Science; Veronica Terviel, Health Information Management; Tang Torres, Medical Assisting; Shannon Torres-Negron, Law Enforcement Technology; Nicole Turnbaugh, Health Information Management; Richard Vasquez, Computer Science; Brandon Wagner, Law Enforcement Technology; Kaylee Wagner, Pharmacy Technician; Arvella Wanbliluta, Health Information Management; Daniel Williams, Computer Science; Robin Wynia, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Erinn Yantes, Medical Assisting; David Zudis, Electrical Trades; Reva: Olaf Jerde, Welding Manufacturing; Roscoe: Rebekah Schroeder, Library Technician; St. Onge: Tallen Tetrault, Transportation Technology; Spearfish: Susan Burnitt, Business Management & Marketing; Jansen Culver, Transportation Technology; Alison Gallagher, Accounting; Leslie Grisham, Business Management & Marketing; Diana Hogan, Practical Nursing; Dorcas Holder, Practical Nursing; Justin Kub, Electrical Trades; Celeste Magnusson, Practical Nursing; Richard Mendyka Jr., Law Enforcement Technology; Hannah Nickels, Accounting; Lois Owens, Surgical Tech; Jacob Wendt, Collision Repair; Heidi Zuercher, Surgical Tech; Sturgis: Kyle Barff, Electrical Trades; Jerod Call, Computer Science; Luke Kossler, Computer Science; Justin Lyons, Electrical Trades; Pamila Pawlowski, Accounting; Jamie Porter, Medical Assisting; Jack Robinson, Library Technician; Joel Whelchel, Business Management & Marketing; Kelsey Whitford, Practical Nursing; Summerset: Jon-Erik Huber, Fire Science; Zachery Martinson, Environmental Engineering Tech; Sundance: Paul Johannesen, Welding Manufacturing; Wall: Anna Kitterman, Practical Nursing; Wasta: Kandi McMurtrey, Accounting; Whitewood: Adina Lesselyoung, Accounting; Tara Love, Environmental Engineering Tech; Joann Williamson, Accounting; Winner: Chelsey Whitley, Business Management & Marketing

Sturgis Brown High School first semester honor roll

Ninth Grade: High Honor Roll: Carly Alisero, Kirsten Anderson, Chelsea Bates, Marissa Boyd, Jaycee Breidenbach, Tanner Brengle, Logan Brennick, Kelly Colburn, Samantha Colvin, Drew Concha, Cassidy Cross, Taya Crowser, Sabrina Day, Teale Dodd, Tara Eddington, Joshua Exner, Dominic Fischer, Janie Fritz, Kalee Fullmer, Drew Gertsch, Joshua Hertel, Ranni Hopkins, Timber Hudson, Beau Ireland, Ellie Jaques, Alexandria Kelly, Jacqueline Killian, Brooke Konst, Hunter Kraft, Kylie Krcil, Lilly Lewis-Hudson, Quartney Linhardt, Emily Linneweber, Amber Lorius, Olivia Lyle, Katie McArthur, Blane Nelson, Tanner Nelson, Vivian Permann, Sydney Peterson, Jordan Reichert, Goldie Schneider, Savannah Shelly, Austin Shoun, Ariel Smith, Samara Soyland, Marysa Sundberg, Taya Swanson, Chasity Terrill, Audra Tesch, Mercedes Thies, Felicia Todd, Kaitlyn VanDewater, Alexandria Wang, Colter Williams, Shon Williamson and Tristan Zook; Merit Roll: Bradley Anderson, Mason Anderson, Elizabeth Bauer, Gage Blakeman, Marlee Burge, Payson Dirk, Danyele Engler, Victoria Even, Dylan Fox, Joniece Guerrero, Austin Hall, Dalton Harrington, Baylee Heinle, Austin Heintz, Kuger Kelly, Kassidy Kitzmiller, Mikael Light, Wezley McKinstry, Austin Munger, Dallas Neiger, Emmitt Sirio, Nickolas Spencer, Adam Stock, Tia Thoresen, Billy Vansickel, Jada Wagner and Krystle Weiger.

Tenth Grade: High Honor Roll: Micheala Bales, Emily Bertolotto, Dakota Brown, Erika Cerveny, Kaiya Dickson, Dustin Fox, Johnathan Fritzie Gasper, Callie Gabriel, Seth Gerberding, Halli Holt, Mercedes Huffman, Caleb Karrels, Kylee Keffeler, Sadie Kinslow, Jordan Lienau, Kendra Lindsley, Kelsey Loftus, Samantha Nash, Carley Neiger, Matthew Nelson, Karlee Peterson, Hannah Peterson, Sarah Rathert, Halli Schulz, Bailey Sherwood, Illianna Shuck, Jacob Simmons, Jesse Skidmore Jordan Smith, Abby Stevens, Jacqueline Stielow, Felicia Swallow, Matthew Takahashi, Taryn Urbaniak, Karli Wilson and Bethany Ziebarth; Merit Roll: Jennifer Bruch, Lane Cermak, Willow Cowherd, Nicole Cron, Lauren Fowler, Paige Frost, Kori Hartshorn, Michaela Hauer, Amada Heidrich, Aaron Hill, Taylor Hise, Taylee Hudson, Zane Joens, Amanda Johnson, Kody Kracht, Jace Kuno, Klara Lyon, Cassidy Makor, Austin Miller, Brinley Olson, Kathryn Roselles, Faryn Sawyer, Jason Schneider, Dominick Schoeberl, Makenzie Skovlund, Matthew Sundberg, Christopher Wheeler, Todd Wilen, John Wilson and Cayden Witte.

Eleventh GradeHigh Honor Roll: Luke Altstiel, Courtney Anderson, Megan Anderson, Justin Ashburn, Mya Baker, Amanda Barrows, Christian Bedard, Josie Berglund, Andrea Collins, Tiffany Concha, Tyler Covell, Koby Dobler, Danielle Garland, Marcus Heintz, Brooke Ireland, Daniele Johnston, Brody Jorensen, Abby Keffeler, Taylor King, Kaitlyn Kreun, Casey Kreutz, Kelsey Krull, Stetson Lippert, Samuel Loftus, Katherine Meirose, Miranda Mullen, Sidney Neiman, Kimberlee O’Connor, Benjamin O’Bryan, Kanon Olson, Kahlie Peterson, Lynsey Prosser, Jena Rathert, Malia Sauer, Christopher Schultz, Amy Seymour, Benjamin Walker, Brent Wilen, DeSarae Williamson and Ryan Wise; Merit Roll: Larissa Adam, Misty Ahrens, Ethan Bennett, Crystal Crawford, Jami Derflinger, Samuel Earl, Jasmine Flakus, Nicolis Forbes, Kathryn Grubl, Seth Hoppe, Mollie Hunt, Jordan Kaubisch, Denee Lindgren, Connor McNenny, Stephanie Mulvehill, Jan Nichols, Khyla Ordahl, Samantha Ricci, Matie Ringgaard, Anna Roltgen, Desarae Schaefers, Errin Short, Tanner Simons, Dalton Williamson, Sheila Williamson and Eryn Zook.

Twelfth Grade: High Honor Roll: Kristofer Baker, Gunner Berglund, Elizabeth Bertolotto, Courtney Cassen, Brendon Cerveny, Molly Hermann, Alyssa Hoffman, Mikkayla Johnson, Murray LaHood Burns, Sawyer Mathiesen, Lia Meirose, Christian Murray, Till Olson, Jaylen Osborne, Kaitlin Peterson, Erica Porter, Jesse Schuster, Derek Seymour, Karly Simmons, Lisa Stanley, Jessica Steffen-Schepers, McKenzie Wagner, Shannon Wilson and Kerry Wilson; Merit Roll: Julie Aldren, Kamille Baize, Elizabeth Barker, Travis Biers, Shandell Clutter, Sara Grebin, Mary Green, Cole Hemmah, Seth Joens, Breanne Kuehler, Devin Kuenzel, Cassidy Mutchler, David Owen, Brianna Pratt, Cole Sawyer, Alexander Schoeberl, Tyler Schone, Kaitlin Smith, David Strain, Levi Veal, Whitney Werdel, Miranda Weyer, Kaiden White Bear and Jayce Winsell.

Vandenberg Elementary School second quarter honor roll

4th Grade: Kaleb Adams, Daniele Ader, Trevor Anderson, John Armstrong, Isabella Ashley, Jordyn Beckrich, Emily Besch, Veronica Burchett, Kristal Charfauros, Alyssa Colvard, Belinda Combs, Madison Correll, Kyle Cronan, Savannah Curtis, Dustin Day, Zachary DeClercq, Christina Delaney, Nathan Divis, Mackenzie Farm, Madysen Fines, Anna Foerst, Amberlee Friedt, Savannah Gakin, Desiree Garcia, Tiffany Garcia, Madison Gerow, Jordyn Goben, Kyrsta Guardipee, Mikyla Harkley, Sierra Hill, Elesse Hoover, Mayson Houck, Marissa Hoyla, Tammy Hurd, Jonah Hutchison, Dominique Ingram, Michael Inskip, Bradley Janis, Rylee Johnson, Chantell Jones, McKenzie Kalkis, Hayden Kelly, McKenzie Lindstrom, Noah Linn, Alexis, Lozano, Coalton Lurz, Arianna Marcy, Marissa Marquez, Samantha Mason, Samantha May, Xander McWilliams, Antone Miller, Mackenzie Miller, Jacey Moffitt, Brock Murphy, Emily Nielsen, Iris Noguez, Josie Nohr, Paitonne Palmer, Maylene Pena, Lilly Peterson, Camden Phillips, Abigail Popken, Paul Red Hair Conde, Lauren Reil, Carter Richter, Devin Robinson, Brooklyn Routt, Kael Rowcliffe, Kileyna Schniers, Sarah Sexton, Anastasia Sharp, Kyle Shields, Mya Simon, Reece Smith, Victoria Somerset, Layton Stenkamp, Caleb Stewart, Kynzie Stiegelmeier, Makenzie Stine, Calissa Strohbeen, Pearl Taylor, Carah Tisdall, Dillon Trevino, Ashton Turley, Fredrick Tyson, Micah Unterseher, Johnathan Updike, Kaylynn Updike, Jonathan Usera, Noah Usera, Connor Vernon, Sarah Vinson, Keane Walker, Andrew Walters, Samuel Watkins, J’Naven Whitaker, Lily Whitehead, Alissa Wieman, Tessa Wilhelm, Kaidan Young.

5th Grade: Arron Amargo, Skylar Archer, Johanna Auriemma, Jessie Baran, Kyros Bettelyoun, Ashton Bricker, Bethanie Brocar, Derrick Brown, Jadyn Brown, Joshua Bryan, Jazmyn Canaday, Elayne Casey, Elizabeth Casey, Kolter Clark, Sarah Curry, Destiny Day, Carmela DeLeon Paz, BreAnna DeWitt, Caullin Dierkhising, Natalie Douvier, Kaleb Fischer, Tierra Flesner, Kyle Garrigan, Jaden Gibson, Abel Gonzalez, Makayla Grim, Mason Hall, Taven Hauf, Kaylee Hebert, Madilyn Henshaw, Madison Hewitt, Layla Hix, Grace Huetson, Jayden Hunt, Avery James, Shawn Jansen, Ashlynn Jensen, Zoee Jensen, Aidan Justice, Dylan Kemp Garcia, Jonas Killian, Katelyn Kimball, Jazlyn Kleinschmit Millhouse, Savana Knapp, Nathaniel Laher, Makenzie LeBlanc, Isaac Lindskov, James Livingston, Ashton Lockhart, Destiny Long, Nique Long, Alisa Machado, Darien Malone, Declan Malone, Orion Mancini, Megan Marques, Dalton Marshall, Jessica Martian, Ashanti Martin, Amara Mesa, Zoe Millage, Willie Moffitt, Bryce Moore, MacKenzie Morris, Kathryn Morrison, Shay Morton, Breah Mulvehill, Courtney Nickel, Madison Opp, Austin Painter, Faron Penwell, Victoria Perlman, Max Pietrykowski, Loghan Pitts, Rhiannon Purcella, Christa Raven, Emily Rhoden, Joel Richmond, Alexandria Robinson, Jamey Rosales, Skylar Ross, Nathan Sager, Haleigh Schmidt, Molly Schwartz, Ryan Scott, Carter Shackleton, Danyel Sloan, Mallee Smith, Kalen Steczkowski, Jacob Steele, Cynthia Teall, Caleb Thomas, Noah Thomas, Ryan Tompkins, Mason Tryner, Wyatt Twining, Maarin Waltman, Julian Warner, Isabelle Weatherington, Conor Weisz, Jessica Wieczorek, Deven Williams, Dawson Woolett.

Stevens High School second quarter honor roll

2013 Grad: Chelsea P. Alexander, Wyatt L. Anderson, Laura I. Ashland, Patrick M. Bakken, Brianna L. Bedard, Colton C. Bender, Brenden W. Berger, Rebecca C. Beu, Lauren K. Birch, Lucas J. Bohne, Austin H. Brower, Courtney S. Buck, Anja M. Carlson, Taylor S. Clemmons, Nathan M. Comer, Lane J. Culey, Hope M. Dadah, Thomas D. DeJong, Wesley D. Doney, Celine V. Emery, Sean M. Feehan, Jacob M. Ferdinand, James C. Ferrier, Juliane M. Fett, Thomas C. Fierro, Kennidi C. Fisher, Claire E. Foerster, Daniel H. Frost, Elizabeth M. Fullerton, Chezka C. Gaddi, Austin L. Garbisch, Allyson T. Gilliland, Geena M. Gioia, Rebecca L. Godber, Andrea N. Godfrey, Vanesa Gomez Bedoya, Gabrielle R. Haefs, Breanna L. Hanks, Matthew D. Hansen, Meghan E. Hoben, Audrey M. Houghton, Andrew W. Howland, Sun Woong Jang, Cade V. Johnson, Kari N. Jones, Adam C. Kessel, Karley M. Kirsner, Chelsea L. Kothe, Oksana A. Kozachukhnenko, Bailee M. Kulish, Kendra J. LaCroix, Tessa J. Loberg, Ryan T. Long, Stephanie L. Long, David M. Loofbourow, Diguowen (Maggie) Luo, Lynsey E. Lytle, Courtney M. Maks, John D. McCloud, Jessika K. Mckee, Isaac C. McLaws, Taylor H. Messinger, JLynn B. Miller, Ariana Montes, Armando Montes III, Marisa Montes, Sydney M. Moyle, Amanda N. Nielsen, Lauren E. Nielsen, Terra C. Nilson, Alexandra M. Ostler, Justin G. Peebler, Melissa A. Petersen, Henrik Pinholt, Dominic S. Poeppel, Kylinn J. Price, Ashley M. Probst, Karissa N. Prpich, Katianne R. Rath, Michael J. Rauert, Haley N. Rhodes, Margo J. Richardson, Shelby R. Riker, Erin A. Romango, Jayme M. Rossow, Brenna M. Russ, Isaak D. Sahli, Keeton A. Schick, Aaron M. Schone, Kathleen E. Schroeder, Savoy D. Schuler, Mason A. Schultz, Nicholas W. Selig, Paige S. Severson, Amber A. Shewey, Ann A. Shoemaker, Shelby R. Shorb, Matthew L. Skinner Jr., Luke C. Smith, Elena M. Spahn, Molly A. Spreen, Rhiannon M. Steiger, Lauren E. Stough, Ali K. Stradinger, Marie M. Stucke, Riley R. Stueber, Kelin L. Terry, Ashley A. Thompson, Hans T. Torgerson, Tyler J. Trautman, Taylor M. Tschetter, Brianna H. VanSchoonhoven, Abigale M. Walz, Samantha R. Weilbrenner, Ambyr R. Weishaupl, Kallan J. Westergaard, Seth R. Westlake, Madaline R. Whay, Sophia D. Whillock, Patrick C. White, Christian K. Whitesell, Laura M. Wilsey, Megan E. Winkels, McKenzie L. Wolf, Rewan A. Zineldin. 2014 Grad: Nathan E. Abramson, Balie J. Albrecht, Kaitlyn E. Ashley, Jessica M. Bailey, Ashley A. Battisti, Haley J. Beach, Kevin M. Blackett, Ashley M. Bowman, Mariah L. Brewer, Justin P. Brown, Heidi E. Carlson, Maggie R. Carmichael, Justin W. Carsrud, Abigail J. Ceremuga, Sarah K. Conlee, Chase F. Conrad, Ty M. Daly, BayLee A. Dansby, Krista A. Erdman, Paniz Esfandiary, Kaleah I. Evans, Berkley F. Fierro, Cody M. Ghents, Sterling E. Gikling, Katrina M. Gregor, Nicole G. Habbe, Benjamin H. Hall, Kristina K. Hammerquist, Jonah M. Hanson, Tristyn R. Hardesty, Sarah J. Hast, Madison L. Hay, Jayson E. Heck, Hope V. Horst, Megan C. Hultgren, Katelyn M. Jennings, Courtney K. Keller, Jenna A. Kuipers, Kalli S. Kusiek, Madison L. Larsen, Calisandra M. Larson, Skylar J. Larson, Tristen J. Leberknight, Maya E. Lehmann, Rhye J. Leonard, Alex J. Lewis, Brock T. Loftus, Harmony M. Logue, Marissa N. McFarland, Niccole A. McGuire, Luke P. McLaughlin, Talbot N. McLaws, Matthew R. Minnick, Patrick J. Morello, Eric R. Moriarty, Melissa A. Nieland, Kori M. Nye, Jeffrey J. Olson, Trae K. Olson, Taylor W. Ostler, Timothy D. Palmer, Ji Sun Paschal, Kaela Patterson, Keegan M. Paugh, Krystl F. Penney, Mark A. Petereit, Clarissa C. Petres, Zachary D. Policky, Alexis R. Pszanka, Brooke A. Remily, Ian A. Reuter, Mackenzie M. Reynolds, Samantha H. Reynolds, Brandon S. Richardt, Tyresha M. Riquelmy Yankton, Jeffrey R. Ross, Sanha Ryoo, Raymond D. Salvino, Jason D. Samuelsen, Stella M. Sanderson, Andrew L. Schacht, Morgan L. Schaefer, Steven G. Schaefer, Jennifer E. Scharn, Tanner O. Simons, Cody J. Sinclair, Benjamin A. Sorensen, Katherine R. Sterling, Alex J. Stockman, Jack A. Storm, Emily R. Teets, Shanea L. Tillery, Garret J. Trupe, Audra J. Van Ekeren, Maxwell T. Veazey, Sydney R. Volesky, Amy N. Weichler, Timothy M. Wells, Guozhen Wen, Dillan L. Wessels, Carter A. Wevik, Katie M. Wiley, Matthew D. Wilson, Alexa G. Worley, Lucas T. Wright, Kristina E. Young. 2015 Grad: Riley W. Ackerman, Tara A. Al-Haj, Marcus L. Ault, Harmoni M. Bahr, Regann B. Barbier, Brittany S. Barnes, Derek M. Beaumont, Kathryn C. Beck, Alison J. Beisner, Steven J. Bendt, Brooke R. Bennett, Tessa M. Beshara, Bryce M. Blank, Kayla D. Blickensderfer, Sydney L. Bodensteiner, Nathan R. Bolton, Jamuna A. Buchanan, Levi W. Burrus, Leslie P. Carsrud, Alexandra J. Coats, Laramie A. Connot, Alexandra N. Coyne, Brianna W. Coyne, Brittney N. Daane, Sydney K. Daane, Emily M. Delzer, Claire E. Deuter, Praetoria L. Diaz, Sonya C. Dick, Lily Mae E. Dodds, Madison M. Doyle, Bradley P. Drake, Chase B. Dudley, Aspen M. Eatherton, Michael C. Emond, Tyler R. Engel, John T. Evans Jr., Alex R. Fichter, Mallory E. Fine, Brady A. Foreman, Madison K. Fuegen, Abbigale R. Furchner, Christopher S. Galster, Cullen J. Gilbertson, Kayla J. Gill, Stephanie M. Griffith, Megan B. Gusso, Tehya J. Haak, Jordon J. Haefs, Tyler T. Hall, Tyler D. Harris, Victoria J. Helfenstein, Marissa A. Hirchert, Justin G. Hoff, Max T. Hofmann, Daniel G. Iverson, Charles S. Johnson, Ellyn R. Julius, Tiana L. Kassis, Sarah F. Kelly, Kasey T. Klapprodt, Jerry A. Koehn, Nehemiah J. Larimer, Moriah M. Larson, Morgan A. Laub, Erin M. Lord, Robert B. Lytle, Alysala M. Malik, Josh D. Martin, Duncan A. McGough, Kassi J. McPherson, Jeremiah R. Medeck, Danielle E. Moews, Taylor N. Molstad, Alexis L. Morrison, Samuel A. Musch, Shannon R. Nesland, Trevor L. Newbrough, Cody T. Norberg, Emily K. Person, Cory L. Petersen, Thomas C. Pfeifle, Kiley A. Phares, Mark L. Poston, Rilee E. Potter, Garrett F. Quinn, Kaitlynn R. Quinn, Erin T. Rezich, Kyla K. Richardson, Rachel R. Riddle, Meredith K. Rigmaiden, Eric A. Sanderson, Kiah C. Schaeffer, Tea J. Schepper, Tylin J. Schepper, Jeremy T. Schick, Richard W. Schleusener, Jeremy L. Schumacher, Shaunak R. Shende, Frances J. Shepherd, Bennett D. Smith, Sara A. Smith, Trevor R. Stahl, Devon M. Stevens, Noah J. Storm, Shelby G. Stotz, Katherine C. Strahl, Kattie L. Thalacker, Shelyssa S. Theel, Veronica P. Thomas, Claire R. Utzman, Sena M. Uzunlar, Drew A. Van Heuveln, Maya M. Van Nuys, MaKaela R. Veit, Jonathan D. Vottero, Marilyn J. Wells, Heather J. Whitney, Mackenzie L. Williamson, Molly J. Winter, Carly A. Worman. 2016 Grad: Abigail L. Abrams, Joseph H. Allen, Jordyn M. Anderson, Jackson D. Armstrong, Emily D. Bachwich, Sydney R. Barrett, Alexis F. Berry, Brett R. Beyer, Caleb E. Billings, Kenneth C. Bitterman, Joshua A. Boll, Lauren E. Brenner, Reid S. Brost, Lonney V. Brown Jr., Kaylin R. Buck, Morgan M. Burnett, Amanda M. Carter, Kalynn H. Chang, Brianna R. Crawford, Haley E. Dabbs, Jacob W. Dempsey, James L. Dethlefs Jr., Noah B. Diamond, Hanna C. Dugue, Kendra J. Dykstra, Isaac J. Egermier, Seth M. Emond, Delaina N. Engle, Kole A. Frisinger, Molly S. Frisinger, Joseph M. Gibson, Jillian P. Goodrich, Haden W. Goodwin, Jack R. Grimm, Marcus A. Hall, Jenna R. Harrison, Lauren K. Harrowa, John S. Hatch, Andraya M. Hawks, Noni A. Henry, Rachael E. Hopperdietzel, Kyle F. Horvath, Allison J. Huffmon, Scott E. Jensen, Cassandra F. Jones, Sydney A. Jubie, Anastasija V. Kalanovic, Carly R. Kasen-Sisson, Aiden D. Keegan, Jarod W. Keene, Kayli E. Kjerstad, Kaci R. Krebs, Brandon M. Kruse, Caitlyn M. Larson, Jared M. Lewis, Brishae L. Loftus, Nicholas J. Looby, Tristan J. Love, Makinze M. Maiden, Brooke M. Marnette, Brigid E. Martin, Cora E. masterlark, Jacey N. Merkle, Michael D. Messinger, Steven J. Miklos, Brooks D. Mitzel, Anthony Montes, Rachel M. Morello, Cameron J. Nelson, Lindsey R. Nielsen, Rylea R. Norris, Regan K. Odegaard, Sydney R. Owen, Rochelle R. Patterson, Carter M. Price, Elizabeth R. Pustejovsky, Madison S. Rainwater, Abby R. Rank, Sarah E. Rausch, Kelsey A. Reuter, Laurel T. Rick, Peyton T. Rick, Hannah M. Riker, Ashton L. Robinson, Olan P. Rom, Jaidyn D. Rumpca, Haneul (Esther) Ryoo, Jace C. Salley, Mckenzie L. Schaefer, Jessica D. Schmidt, Hayley N. Schroeder, Taylor J. Schultz, Erin R. Schweiss, Jamie L. Schweiss, Kyron C. Selby, Gina M. Selig, Rebekah R. Sheffield, Sydney A. Shorb, Mekayla D. Simmerman, Shayla R. Smith, Skylar H. Smith, Trevor R. Smith, Hannah K. Sobczak, Hannah C. Sorestad, Alexander R. Steinley, Jarrad R. Tait, Kahlee M. Taylor, Jakob R. Thunen, Kaitlyn K. Tracy-King, Nathan R. Trotter, Alexis P. Tschetter, Anna K. Veazey, Whitney M. Virkula, Joel R. Wasserburger, Kiley R. Westergaard, Connor G. Whitney, Alisha M. Wiedmeier, Megan D. Wilson, Elizabeth M. Wing, Ethan J. Woods, Grant B. Youngblood.


Little Wound High School second quarter and first semester honor roll

12th Grade: “A “: Caesar Fire Thunder, Tianna Yellow Hair; “B”: Frances Morgan, Matthew Tallman, Melissa Hernandez, Tasina Helper, Eddie Josefczyk, Jerome LeBeaux, Sara Shangreaux, Anthony Hopkins, Dylan Shangreaux, Sabrina Counoyer.

11th Grade: “A”: Jessica Brave Heart, Payton Janis, Artemasa Wounded Head; “B” Honor Roll: Stefanie Black Bear,Triston L. Apple, Julio No Neck, Francis Thunder Hawk, Breanna Ferguson, Jerome Martinez, Lexxi Hunter, Rikki Randall, Daniel Two Crow, Andrea Rogers, Christian Young Bear, Phillip R. Zimiga, Jordon Red Cloud.

10th grade: “A”: Emily Janis, Angela Kills In Water; “B”: Chelsea Hunter, Katie Morrison, Donte Has No Horse, Tarriah Provost, Kelsi Pope, Elijah West, Angel-Lyn Jumping Eagle, Lyric Rios, Raney Bettelyoun, Daniell White Face, James Chief, Tamera Rainey, Mikala Murrufo, Shirley Spider, Randlyn Tobacco, Lauren Two Crow, Mekko Bear Killer, Shane Rooks, Tyrees Red Owl, Kelcie Iron Crow, Louis Macias;

9th Grade: “A”: Tianna Christensen, Skyler Cox, Sharifah Ferguson, Bobbie Hill, Morgan Mesteth, Jeffery Quick Bear, Mateo Ramas, Jazzlyn Weston, Danielle Whirlwind Horse, Olivia Whiting – Tovar; “B” Honor Roll; Curtis White Crane, Teresa Graham, Jeremiah Hopkins, Shilo Tallman, Malena Cross, Lauren Janis, Lily Jealous Of Him, Adena Two Eagle, Kateri Denny, Amanda Iron Rope, Taylor Janis, Marrissa D. Zimiga, Cammie Bear Killer, Marcus Bernie, Wetu Charging Eagle, Tacie LeBeaux, Ethan Chief, Ramone McBride, Jewel West, Sydney Iron Rope, Lacey Good Eagle, Paulina Shangreaux, Bethany Little, Darrell Looks Twice, Taira Bull Bear, Adelina Elk Boy, Carla Yellow Elk, Aphonda Belt, Meltina Blue Legs, Phillip Catt, Laqael Ferguson, Mahipya Menard.

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