Like a carnival barker, Bobbi Tomlin shouts out the main attribute of the bamboo thread sheets she's pitching at the 2016 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo.

"The more you use them, the softer they get," says Tomlin, a vendor for Webster Enterprises who hails from Missouri.

From her large sales booth in the upper floor of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Tomlin offers her own regular use of the sheets as proof that they are super soft.

"I travel with them, and a bamboo pillow," Tomlin said. "It's nice to travel with your own sheets at hotels; you just throw on some bamboo sheets and it's like sleeping at home."

The sheet sets, from the Bamboo Comfort Series 1800 that are made in China, come in all colors and sizes, and go for $40 a set or three sets for $100.

Tomlin's final piece of salesmanship: she said the sheets are eco-friendly and dry in 15 minutes, and she promises that they really do get softer each time you use and wash them.