When Denise Webster was a young girl in Wichita, Kan., she idolized Marilyn Monroe and loved the scenes in the old TV show "Leave It to Beaver" when the women would all get together for tea dressed in their nicest outfits and pearls. It's what led Webster, at 15, to walk into a store to buy a fur coat and a diamond ring on layaway.

Elegance, class and sophistication have always been traits she's striven to attain. In LaCroix Hall at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on Friday, she hoped to help other women in their quest for beauty, too.

Webster owns Gently Loved Furs, a company based in Hominy, Okla., that sells used fur jackets and other fur garments with prices that are affordable and attainable for everyday women. Mink, lynx, fox, rabbit, beaver, raccoon, opossum, lamb, goat, sheep, coyote and even kangaroo are all on display and for sale at the stand, with prices ranging from $100 to $3,600. It's her seventh year at the Black Hills Stock Show and her 10th year in business.

“When you put on a fur coat, as a woman, it is a mood-elevating feeling," Webster said. "You just feel classy. You feel beautiful.”

Webster's friend and business associate, Nadine Weaver, agreed.

“It’s really wonderful to see a woman put on fur for the first time,” Weaver said as a group of women laughed, posed and snapped pictures donned in furs alongside the stand.