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Adrianne Chalepah wed South Dakota native Waylon Plenty Holes in May.

From her wedding dress fitting just a tad too snugly to butting heads with a relative, the days leading up to Adrianne Chalepah’s wedding to South Dakota native Waylon Plenty Holes continues to play out on national TV this week.

The couple, who now live in Colorado, was selected by the WE TV cable channel for its popular "Bridezilla" show and will appear at 7 p.m. today in the second episode, titled "Misery Loves Company."

The reality-based TV show chronicles the drama — some might say melodrama — and lives of zealous, stressed-out brides as they approach their "special day."

Joanne Wagner, owner of Black Hills Receptions and Rentals who helped the couple with wedding plans, said about the first episode, "Adrianne is true to herself, and I think it is a true depiction of Adrianne.

"However, I wouldn't call her a 'Bridezilla.' She was totally stressed out and was reacting a lot to her fiance and (to) the best man. He was a 'bestmanzilla,'" she said.

Chalepah, who is a self-professed “control freak,” said she’s not worried about seeing the final episode.

“I’ve come to terms with whatever I will see,” said the 27-year-old, who hopes the show’s lighthearted look at wedding planning will cast her in a true light.

“The show is entertaining. I love the sound effects. It’s an awesome show. It’s funny, and I hope that’s how I’ll take it,” she said.

The couple, who were married at Black Hills Receptions in a concert-themed wedding on May 26, is not new to the camera. As a stand-up comedian, Chalepah said she is used to crowds, cameras and questions. Her husband, who grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, works with Chalepah doing film-production work.

National television, however, is a whole different ball game, she acknowledged.

“There’s an awareness,” she said. “It would make anybody nervous.”

Working with the TV video crew and being followed wasn’t a problem, she said, and it turned out to be a great experience.

Adding to the stress was the fact that Chalepah was in the beginning stages of a pregnancy. She said she is due in December.

“I was in the peak of morning sickness and fatigue in the weeks leading up to the wedding,” she said. “I wasn’t feeling good, so I was a 'Bridezilla.' I think every woman can be; it’s in us.”

And for those closest to the bride, she said, it can be the worst.

“The family, unfortunately, they’re the ones who catch the 'Bridezilla-ness,'” she said. “But my family loves me and will put up with me.”

Stephanie Silva, of WE TV, said the brides apply to appear on the show and, if selected, are followed during the weeks leading up to the wedding. The wedding itself is also taped.

“Each bride has a different experience,” Silva said.

Chalepah said she hopes that when people see her on the show, they realize it is only a small snapshot of one season on her life.

“I wanted to be my normal, quirky self,” she said. “But there was no way. Nobody’s perfect. Everybody has bad days.”

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