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A Philip grain elevator shut down on Aug. 24 because of the threat of a collapse of a grain bin reopened last week.

Officials with CHS Midwest Cooperative are working with engineers to decide the best method for repairing a 100,000-bushel-capacity grain bin, shut down after employees noticed the sides of the bin were buckling during the loading of wheat.

“The Philip location has been open all week and continues to accept grain, as usual,” said Lisa Graham-Peterson, spokesperson for CHS Midwest Cooperative of Minneapolis.

Because of the threat of a collapse and the minute possibility of a fire sparked with volatile grain dust, fire and emergency management officials evacuated the nearby downtown business district as a precaution and began unloading the bin, a methodical process which took several hours, Graham-Peterson said. The evacuation notice was lifted later that day.

The off-loaded wheat filled 13 rail cars and the bin did not move, she said.

Elevator officials are working with engineers on ways to repair and reinforce the bin.

“That assessment is being done now,” Graham-Peterson said.

In a statement, the company expressed thanks for the swift response and support of volunteer fire departments and emergency management teams responding to the potential collapse

“And we are very proud of our Philip staff who recognized the issue early and managed the situation with the highest regard for safety and professionalism,” the statement said.

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