A complete set of 103 Pokemon cards from 1999 recently sold at an auction for more than $107,000.

Each card had been graded to be a perfect 10. A similar set had sold for more than $100,000 two years ago.

But you don't have to have a complete set or perfect cards to have a valuable commodity. Downtown Rapid City is home to several collectible stores. One of them, Heroes Cards, is selling a set of 10 cards valued at almost $35,000.

These cards are from the Magic the Gathering game. Magic, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh are some of the popular games that include trading cards as playing pieces.

Many of these game cards compare in value to the vintage sports cards that used to come in packs of bubble gum.

Jason Starkjohann, manager of Heroes Cards, said the cards in their shop have some things in common with the Pokemon set that brought six-figure sums.

"Those were all graded as perfect 10s," Starkjohann said. "We were very happy that these cards all received 5 or 5.5 grades."

Like the Pokemon set, the Magic cards at Heroes were produced in the 1990s and this partial set also includes ultra-rare cards. The Magic the Gathering cards are from a 1993 series.

Starkjohann said the store purchased the cards from a Spearfish man who was able to sell them out of a storage unit that he was helping manage.

"He kept them for his brother, who told him if he sold these pieces, he could keep the rest of the set for himself," Starkjohann said. "He had been trying to sell them for a while and we made an offer that he accepted."

The store paid about $17,000 for them.

"Cards like this can be a good investment because the value does increase over time," he said.

After making the purchase, they sent the cards to Beckett — one of the premier card-grading companies in America. The assess the condition the card is in with corners, scratches and warping, as well as if the cards' cuts are aligned.

"It isn't always bad to have an off-center card because some collectors like miscut cards," Starkjohann said.

A few Rapid City residents have shown interest in the expensive set at Heroes although no one has made a purchase yet. Three times each week, Heroes hosts Magic the Gathering games for anyone who is interested in learning to play.

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