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Overcast skies, 60 degree temps and intermittent sprinkles of rain forced most rallygoers to don leathers, jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts on their rides through the Black Hills on Sunday.

Safe and sound decisions for bikers, but tough going for the search of great tattoo stories.

Robert E. Lee, a.k.a. "The General," and his wife were just getting ready to roll on out when they heard the tattoo inquiry.

And for the record, Robert E. Lee is his real name since he took his wife's last name when they said their vows, The General explained as he got off his bike and began shedding clothes.

What are you doing, his friends asked.

"Showing my tattoo," he said.

The Bismarck, N.D., biker with the Our Place Motorcycle Club warned: It’s a special tattoo, but the canvas isn’t very pretty.

The canvas was his hairy chest. Sketched between his pectoral muscle was a black and white freehand drawing of a young man with the buck he bagged on his first hunt and his dog.

The tattoo was created from a photograph shot in 1996.

The following year, the young man in that photo, Justin Sharp, Lee’s 14-year-old son, died by his own hand.

And while Lee doesn't often run around shirtless, every time he showers, he looks at the image over his heart and remembers. The image and caption beneath, "This hunt guided by Jesus," bring him peace, and honor a life cut too short, Lee said.

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