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A trolley makes its rounds in Deadwood. An Aberdeen man plans to launch a private trolley rental company called Big Star Trolley Co. He bought his fourth used trolley from the city of Deadwood last month.

ABERDEEN | The streets of Aberdeen can expect to see the return of a century-old transit service as a business owner plans to launch a private trolley rental company in the area.

Hunting lodge owner Dave Usselman bought his fourth used trolley from the city of Deadwood last month, the Aberdeen American News reported. Now, he's getting ready to turn the trolleys into a full-service rental business in Aberdeen called Big Star Trolley Co.

Usselman's primary business, Half Cocked Hunting Lodge, led him to buy the trolleys in the first place. He opened the hunting lodge near Mina around 2000.

"That business has really paved the road for me to buy these trolleys," he said. "I was just going to buy them for hunters. All of this is just a bonus."

Usselman saw the trolleys' potential after he parked one in Aberdeen earlier this year, drawing attention and interest.

He envisions marketing the trolleys for food tours, weddings, group parties and even road trips.

Since then, he's found five drivers and he's obtained an alcohol license and insurance. There's still a few loose ends, including speaking with the city's police about maximum capacity standards and whether underage people can be present on a trolley if others are consuming alcohol.

Usselman plans to price the trolley rentals for events without alcohol at $150 per hour for the first two hours and $100 per hour after that. He'll increase prices for events with alcohol since his license mandates that he provides the beverages.

He plans to be in operation within the next month.

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