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Two Cents

Maybe if an ambulance ride of two blocks to the hospital didn't cost $800 only to be denied by insurance a person might be able to pay the bill.

The concert classic at Stevens High School was wonderful. A big thank you to the teachers and students for sharing their talents.

Shooting city deer will take a lot of joy away from area children. We really enjoy watching them.

Could really use temporary lights or stop signs at Rushmore Crossing during this busy season. I have to avoid the area all together because of the increased traffic.

Why didn't the city help out the arena football teams when they had financial trouble? These teams had winning seasons, excellent players overall and were really fun to watch.

So, now the mayor is going to sell the name of the new civic center to the highest bidder. Get ready for a cellphone company, casino or perhaps a billboard company to "purchase" it and turn the civic center into a cheesy advertising name we must repeat for years to come.

Thank you to the Rapid City Rotary Clubs for starting Storybook Island Christmas 20-plus years ago and being such strong supporters to keep it going year after year. It's a great part of our community's holiday spirit.

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