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Two Cents

It would be nice if the owner of the flag pole/cell tower on north Haines would kindly remove the American flag. It is in a disgraceful condition.

So Mike Rounds wants $25 billion dollars for a border wall, and he wants the poorest of people to pay for it, well good luck. Yes, we should close those loopholes and better regulate the immigration system, but also maybe we shouldn’t have given all those tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations so we can afford better border security.

Merry Christmas, Rapid gasoline retailers. Average price per gallon nationally is $2.45. In Reliance, $2.39.9. Kadoka, $2.49.9. Here in Rapid City, $2.70.9.

We are closing on a property we bought here in Pennington County, our realtor warned us not to include any account numbers or routing numbers with email correspondence.... other peoples' being scammed with their deposit or full payment being diverted to criminals. Why isn't computer crime a priority to our South Dakota Attorney General?

Can someone explain why the city set poles and hung traffic lights at Mall Drive and Haines Ave. and less than 3 months later is removing lights and poles?

Ms. Noem, hiring unqualified family members for jobs as her staff. Jason Ravnsborg has now hired two campaign donors. South Dakota, do you wonder why you have a corruption problem in this state?

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