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Two Cents

We rarely see a city snowplow come through our residential area. Although we pay very high real-estate taxes, apparently we are not on the list for snow removal.

Drive by the Civic Center during the stock show and take a look in the parking lots. All those fancy trucks and trailers are not the sign of bankruptcy, but speak more about people that manage their money and work for what they want.

It's really disgusting that a Scrooge can't fathom that people enjoy Christmas so much they start preparing and celebrating in November. I put my tree up Nov. 1 because it's beautiful and represents things like hope, family and joy. 

I see that Ms. Pelosi with her mandate from the electorate and fellow Democrats are going to concentrate on President Trump's taxes and Russia collusion. Nice to see they are doing their constitutional-appointed duty of oversight.

Since we are apologizing for things our ancestors did, I would like to apologize for the My Lai massacre — a distant cousin was involved. I also lost a great uncle at Pearl Harbor. I lost a friend in the World Trade Center. Where is my apology?

Wow, a record soybean harvest is great news. This is the kind of winning that makes America great again.

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