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Two Cents

President Bush: a man committed to faith, family, service to others and country; honest, ethical and humble. His concerns were not about self but to the plight of humanity and the state of the world. Rest in peace knowing you did make a difference in the world.

Great news, the record soybean harvest. Now, if only we had a buyer.

I am wondering if it occurs to our legislators when imposing taxes that it promotes an attitude of entitlement in which folks begin looking for government programs in which they can begin to recover their paychecks lost to taxes.

To the apologist: Your apology is due from the Japanese for Pearl Harbor and the Islamic Extremists for the World Trade Center. The perpetrators at Wounded Knee were U.S. citizens decorated with medals of honor after a massacre.

When you turn right, you are required to remain in the right-hand lane. Turn on your left blinker (what a concept), if you choose to move into the left lane.

Do you have to trash Republicans every day? If you’re at the point where you‘re stooping low enough to attack Melania’s Christmas decorations and ridiculing Sully, President Bush’s service dog, it’s time to take a much-needed break.

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