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Two Cents

Likely, Gov. Noem has read the U.S. Constitution several times. We can be confident she has at least read it past the Second Amendment.

The job of schools is to educate children, not be a social experiment. Teach core studies, including civics beginning in first grade, but don’t promote to the next grade until ready and don’t graduate high school if there isn’t a basic understanding of reading, writing, math, history, science. 

I read the article concerning the abolition of Wyoming's death penalty. I've written to you before that not only does it cost almost a million dollars more and takes years to carry out, but rather than a peaceful death how about years in a cell wondering if the murder was worth all of this?

Thank you to the nice man who pushed me through the slushy snow at the Civic Center this weekend. Kindness is among us.

Trump was just called lazy, incompetent, and a lunatic by well-known conservative. Not sure what took so long to figure this out if you’ve been paying any attention; since he’s been in office it’s pretty obvious.

The Rapid City mayor and council need to learn the difference between a “hand up” and a “hand out” as it is becoming a city of enablers. Sad. 

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