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Two Cents

Thank you to the anonymous donor who bought Robbinsdale students lunch at the Rush game.

Good call chief and mayor shutting down pop-up shelters. If you would truly like to help these folks, provide your name and address and I’ll give them a free ride to your house where you can keep them warm and feed them.

Mr. Mayor, spend three, 24-hour days as a homeless person. Then dare tell me churches are contributing to the problem.

Are these so-called "Citizens for Liberty" people for anything and do they believe Rapid City would be a better place to live without the civic center/arena? One way they could save us money is to stop all these expensive special elections they cause.

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Privatize the Civic Center like the former South Dakota Cement Plant and have Deadwood Mountain Grand manage it. This would save taxpayers millions of dollars and put the Civic Center on the tax roll.

We're absolutely loving the left's daily meltdown regarding the Trump presidency. Now, they know how the sane half of the country felt agonizing through eight years of Obama. 

Trump is just another draft-dodging armchair warrior who wants to show his courage with a military parade. We don't see any of his family in uniform.

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