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Two Cents

Boys should participate in male sports and girls in female sports. Organizations such as Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts do not need to be co-ed.

The big corporate seed and chemical producers must be putting some kind of pressure on our governor. Why else would she oppose hemp production when it's legal at the federal level and all of our neighboring states are growing it?

The military park is a great idea. Mayor Allender has progressive ideas, which a leader should have. I cannot believe how many Rapid City residents oppose every positive idea proposed. With this line of thinking, nothing would be accomplished. 

Juvenile justice worked under Janklow. Noem needs to undo the damage Rounds and especially Daugaard did to it.

To the person who thinks Trump has accomplished much for our country, please name one thing. He has given tax breaks to the rich, deregulated restrictions on coal and oil companies, given Big Pharma license to overcharge, put legitimate refugees in internment camps, and loosened laws protecting our environment.

We're middle-class retirees who live on a fixed income, but our 2019 federal tax refund is $2,500 more than last year. Thanks very much, President Trump and congressional Republicans.

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