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Two Cents

What will it take for Kristi Noem to agree that South Dakota is "ready" for industrial hemp? North Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska seem to be doing just fine with it.

Do you honestly believe that before passage of the law "thugs" never carried concealed with no background checks? You can still apply for a permit if you don't trust your own judgement.

Green space is defined as "an area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes in an otherwise urban environment." This green space makes Rapid City "stand out" and green is so refreshing and invigorating in a city.

Sen. Thune serves only the rich few once again by proposing to eliminate the inheritance tax. Remember his neglect of the low- and middle-income voters at the next election.

Just say no to the airplane and three-tiered amphitheater in the flood plain. Perhaps provide a military-appreciation exhibit in one of the many vacant buildings in our fair city instead.

I'm sick and tired of the conveniently anonymous Trump bashing in Two Cents. Our president has accomplished far more for this country in two years than the previous administration did in eight.

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