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Please explain why the Democrats who barely took control two weeks ago are to blame for any part of the shutdown when all three branches of the government the last two years have been Republican-controlled.

Furloughed federal employees can receive unemployment payments and will eventually receive back pay, effectively giving them paid vacation. However, those employees who are required to work without pay have to pay for child care and other costs of going to work, yet they are not eligible for unemployment because they are working. Seems unfair that those who work end up worse off than those who don't.

How much further backwards can the SD legislature go concerning CBD oil? Criminalize its use. Come on!!

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Did anyone connected with the Rush bailout include a "sales clause"; the Rush pay back the handout with interest when the team is sold? Like the RC Thrillers, BH Posse, BH Machine, RC Flying Aces and the RC Red Dogs were? Einstein's definition of insanity people!

The majority of gun related shootings are emotionally derived. Can you imagine the havoc if people will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon without a permit?

Who said they would be happy to shut down the government if they didn't get the wall? Get the facts straight; it was not congress, it was Trump!

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