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I was a furloughed government employee several times — it is not a paid vacation. Back pay is not guaranteed — it takes an act of Congress — employees can't leave their immediate area, the first paycheck after the shutdown could take two additional weeks and the duration of the shutdown is unknown. Who would sign up for a vacation like that?

So Gov. Noem hires her daughter to be a policy analyst. Do you suppose her daughter should tell her that is a bad policy?

I find it unbelievable that the writer of the recent editorial regarding Rapid City fuel prices could see electric cars in California's future as a possible fix and a good idea for Rapid City. That is the biggest stretch of the imagination I have ever heard.

Let's start penalizing employers who utilize illegal immigrants for slave labor. If these people are coming here for jobs and there are no jobs, they won't come here. 

The 2019 U.S. military budget is $686 billion. Seems like they could build this $5 billion wall.

Those opponents that continue to whine against building a fence or a wall on the Mexican border obviously have never had a fence or a wall around their property. Speaking from experience, the barriers definitely work.

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