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Kudos to Dusty Johnson for not accepting pay while the government is shut down. Thune, Rounds and all in Congress should have the guts to do the same thing until they get something accomplished regarding the wall and the shutdown.

Each council person who denied Dick and Jane's should write a personal check to settle the lawsuit they knowingly created.

I have witnessed layoffs and plant closings but never encountered a federal employee that cared about the plight of those who lost their jobs, but now I am supposed to care about the federal employee getting paid to stay home during the shutdown. I’ll return their empathy by not caring about their plight.

I’m asking myself why anybody would support any business in town that would be so willing to subject the city to such frivolous lawsuits?

Most people are looking at affordable health care and affordable college to better their lives, but Noem and the Republicans are more concerned about high school kids taking a citizenship test?

Yes, affordable housing is a huge problem in Rapid City. The mayor campaigned on solving that problem in his first term but apparently had more at stake with the year-long campaign for the civic center than the citizens.

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