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The soon-to-be-closed ShopKo store in Custer would be a great location for a much needed full-service grocery store.

I took two versions of sample citizenship tests passing both with a 95 percent score. I received my education 50-plus years ago when history, civics, government, current events as well as reading, writing, arithmetic prepared us for a future. Why would today’s educators balk at requiring the test to graduate or are they failing to teach the material?

So, our mayor is into raising fees to fund government. Then why doesn’t he go after the most obvious and easiest to get — speeding and red-light violators.

I recall in South Dakota when "the next big thing" was an ash dump, then railroad cars full of eastern garbage and the ETSI pipeline. Gov. Noem's "next big thing" might be just another get-rich quick scheme.

We should tear down the Statue of Liberty and smelt it for the border wall. It means nothing now.

Federal employees are not responsible for the government shutdown; Congress is. It’s time that states pass laws that hold Congress accountable. The budget is a recurring responsibility so they should not get to leave for any reason other than an immediate family death until it is completed.

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