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Two Cents

I am convinced there is a secret web of underground tunnels that allows city employees to get to work on time, unless they leave home hours in advance to make it through the 1.5 second green turn arrows that exist at every intersection in town with stoplights.

The government shutdown is hurting our state. Native American workers on reservations are especially impacted. This affects Rapid City as our native peoples cannot afford to shop here.

The Farm Bill made CBD legal nationwide and removed it as a controlled substance, but it is still illegal in South Dakota even though it cannot get you high. South Dakota needs to make CBD legal and available without a prescription. 

Democracy is dead and you can hear its last gasp from Pierre all across South Dakota. The Republicans have no one left to fight with but each other and call it legislation — how sad and boring.  

Those in favor of a border wall have never been Arizona snowbirds. If you had, your attitude would be different about the hard-working, kind, family-oriented Hispanic population who have a positive influence on American culture.

Am I really supposed to believe that no criminal activity is getting through our southern border? And this is acceptable?

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