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Government employees who are not working because of the shutdown are getting a free paid vacation. Not working now but will collect back pay later.

I am shocked that it is difficult for consumers to research the costs of medical procedures and tests. One would almost think that medical providers are doing this intentionally to keep people confused as to what they should be getting charged. No, not in South Dakota.

I kind of miss the snow and ice that covered the streets the city seems disinterested in clearing. It filled all the dips, cracks, chunks of missing concrete, and potholes. How does the mayor and city council avoid navigating our streets without being aware of their condition and resulting safety concerns?

After the midterms and the Democrats win the House and the stock market has since began tanking. Is that a coincidence? 

Spending $5 billion on a wall that won't do much good is ridiculous.  Maybe we should spend $5 billion on fixing e-verify so illegal workers can't get jobs.

Of course, there will be lawbreakers trying to outrun the police and sooner or later the criminals will crash and tragically take lives. I'm sure the leftists will blame the wrong people.

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