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Two Cents

Years ago military was told "free medical for life" but that changed 20 (or so) years ago, and we pay for our medical insurance. People should learn and know what they are talking about before speaking, or better yet, see if you have what it takes to be in the military and you will know "nothing in life is free," not even the military's medical.

Just wondering: President Obama’s statue was pushed back. Does the election this fall have anything to do with it?

For those who live outside Rapid City, you need to check to make sure online companies are not charging you Rapid City's 2 percent sales tax.  

Our phone companies give the NSA a record of every phone call made in America, so why can't the same government stop the robocalls I get every day? Someone is asleep or paid to be asleep at the switch.

Teachers, if you don't like the wages you are earning, then do what the rest of the population has done, change your occupation.

I am nearly 70 years old and have lived in Rapid Valley for more than 30 years and personally I enjoy the fireworks, no matter when they set them off. It's just a bunch of kids having a lot of fun, and I think it's great.

Most of our presidents were married and had children and dogs. What's so special about the Obama statue?

The Silver City Social was really a special event, and the pies were delicious.

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