Two Cents

There seems to be a lot of complaining and whining about no hemp in South Dakota. Can there really be that kind of demand for something when so many of us really don't know what it is for?

The reason South Dakota is always so far behind in everything is because of the conservative mindset that sees change as a threat rather than an opportunity.

I am curious to see what formal study Noem used to claim legalizing hemp results in legalizing marijuana. She appears to be clouding the issue with self-made-up facts to justify her veto instead of listening to the people.

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It's unlikely Billie Sutton would have vetoed the industrial hemp bill. When people vote for the party rather than the candidate, bad things happen. 

We had a president who believed and lived by family values, comported himself with grace and compassion and had not one scandal in his eight-year term. Too bad the current administration doesn’t uphold the standards of the last one.

Can you imagine the calls of racism had the GOP opened an investigation into every facet of President Obama’s life, including his finances and past, just to make sure there isn’t anything that is criminal there? Just wondering if he was born in the U.S. caused an uproar.

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