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The clock says 11 a.m., but the sun says 10 a.m. You can fool most of the people, but you cannot fool Mother Nature.

Governor Noem really showed me something by vetoing a hemp bill she truly believes South Dakota in just not ready for yet. Those of you who can't live without your CBD products will just have to take a day trip down to Fort Collins.

Gov. Noem, now that you have successfully vetoed the hemp bill your next step should be to erect billboards statewide proclaiming: "Welcome to South Dakota — set your watch back 20 years."

To all the East River farmers wanting to grow hemp to help save their farms: Don’t blame me, I voted for Jackley.

To the person in the black Nissan at the south side of Walmart: I have never encountered a jerk like you that couldn't even back up so I could get in a handicap spot and then to call me names. This terminal cancer person would like to say "you sir, are no gentlemen."

We need fewer socialists in our government so we can advance our society. Today, our government spends way too much on people and what they think they are entitled to.

Thank you Dave for clearing the snow from our driveway and sidewalk Thursday morning. We are very grateful for your kindness.

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