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Two Cents

It's time for the technical schools to get their financial affairs in order. Justifying the exorbitant administrator salaries at WDT would be a good first step.

I saw a lit cigarette on the sidewalk this morning. I guess now people assume no one in S.D. cares if they smoke, or how much damage smoking and cigarettes do.

I must agree that lazy neighbors with trashy yards quickly run neighborhoods and home values down.

I have never met anyone who didn’t think they earned every cent of their pay and teachers are no exception. If they were given a sizable pay raise, next year they will be begging for more. If you are not happy, then get a different job. Most taxpayers are sick of it.

Fact: West Dakota Water did vote to spend $7,500 for a private individual's legal bill to fight the septic ordinance. The truth is both the cost of the defense for the declaratory ruling and this guy's fight are the same, so WDW really spent $15,000 to fight the very thing they were formed to protect — our clean water. 

To all the people who want to get rid of guns, are you willing to put a "gun free zone" sign in your front yard? If not, why not?

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