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Two Cents

The state received $573,000 from Uber to compensate for 71 S.D. citizens whose data was compromised. That’s $8,000 each. How much of that will go to them?

Raise the tax on tobacco products yet the number of smokers in S.D. has decreased? Why the resistance to raising taxes on all alcoholic products? Guaranteed cash cow.

You ask, "Why can’t Americans learn to merge correctly — zippering — like Europeans and make our traffic safer and keep tailbacks to a minimum?" It is because today's entitled, self-centered, me-first generation has not been taught to be considerate and do not care to ever learn.

So it’s negative advertising to point out that Billie Sutton was a big Hillary Clinton supporter? The truth hurts.

Kristi Noem enlists the support of a man who has no moral compass, lies on an almost hourly basis, and has divided our nation like no other. Can anyone support her bringing those values back to South Dakota?

We don't have a problem with guns, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. What we have is a people problem.

Interesting how Trump and Republicans dismiss the FBI's Russia investigation but at the same time think the Kavanaugh investigation by the FBI was first-rate. As usual, they want it both ways.

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