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Two Cents

It's time to end the one-party stranglehold in S.D. politics.

Who watches any campaign TV ad, nasty or otherwise, after the first or second time it runs let alone the 100th time. What a total waste of money.

I’m starting to wonder what George Ferebee has stashed in his septic tank that he’s trying so desperately and obsessively to keep from having it inspected. The county government decision that septic tanks should be inspected is not a “don’t tread on me; live free or die” moment.

I keep hearing that the tax cuts are only for the rich. I am a long, long way from being rich, and it sure has helped me.

I fear that society has already slipped halfway down the "slippery slope" of changing values, civility and morality.

Where in the world has everybody been? Politics has always been a tough business. Just read your history books — people have been shot in the name of politics — so a little mud throwing is pretty common.

Both candidates for governor claim to be conservatives. $12 million wasted on annoying, negative, and at times, false advertising. 

Why don't we just lower the flag to half-staff and leave it there?

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