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Two Cents

Thank you to the Rapid City police department for your quick response to the lockdown situation at Pinedale elementary school. Good to know you are on top of things!

If you think that school meals for all kids, provided by your tax dollars, is outrageous, you should spend some time in the cafeterias and see how much of it is thrown out, untouched!

Finally an opinion piece from a candidate that makes sense. After carefully reading Judge Bjorkman's opinion column, I saw a glimpse of a way forward from the partisan gridlocked Congress we now have to one that functions. I hope every reader reads his article carefully.

I'm wondering why all the still active mineral mining operations in the Black Hills and West River for gold and uranium are being done by Canadian companies. Do we have no local interest or expertise anymore?

Larry Rhoden, who my friends describe as a nice person, certainly did not commit a criminal deed. However, his inaction after receiving notices that candidacy reports needed to be filed shows a lack of organization skills needed by a Lt. Governor.

Would someone please explain why it is impossible to reach the local downtown Post Office by phone? I have tried everything and am unable to reach a live person, just one recording after another.

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