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Two Cents

Whoever lives in the Tomahawk Drive/Stockade area and owns the long haired black cat with four white feet, would you kindly keep it home? I feed birds and squirrels and your cat is successfully preying on them daily; I know this is what cats do, but I will take action soon to stop it.

When it comes to Nike they do make running, walking, basketball, football, baseball, cross fit and many other type of shoes. The only ones that they don’t make are for people with bone spurs.

To the person who said shame on Republicans — how about shame on democrats and liberals. So sick of the constant bashing of the president and media turning things around. It’s time to grow up and act like adults and accept what is. 

Does the city pay for those “My waste“ commercials that are on the radio every five seconds? If so, maybe those could be reduced to a tolerable level rather than cutting funding to the Humane Society.

Shame on Democrats! They are unable to accept a president who was elected by those in this country who voted for the only man on the stage that would be able to pull the country away from the cliff the Dems were trying to push our national pride, economy and legal system off of.

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