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Two Cents

Under the mayor's proposal the city would cut funding to a shelter for humans more than a shelter for animals. Now that is inhumane. Animal shelter $300,000 and a place for people $100,000.

The area lost a hero last week and we should all take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to have people willing to step up to help strangers and do what is right. Thank you to all firefighters, EMS and law enforcement for your sacrifices.

I don't care what political flavor our next governor is, but I definitely want he/she to be from West River for a change.

People who say disparaging things about those who would dare to criticize the president are either unpatriotic, uninformed or have never actually read the First Amendment. I have researched many of their remarks about the president and find that they are, in actual fact, absolutely true.

To the lady in the white car at Walmart recently: Was there some compelling reason you left your cart in a vacant parking space when the cart area was less than 20 feet away? Unbelievable.

I would like to thank the piece of human garbage that stole vegetables and tore up part of my community garden. Stealing is stealing no matter who you are.

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