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Two Cents

Please do not cut the funding to the Humane Society. I would much prefer a larger cut to the Cornerstone Mission than reducing what is provided to care for helpless animals.

The Mission performs services no one else does and if their funding is cut services could be reduced and then the city and county will have to provide them. Does this make sense?

The money shortage could be made up quickly if police officers were allowed to start enforcing speed limits and red lights laws in Rapid City.

Will Catron Boulevard be completed sometime in the next five years? There’s been cones shuffled around, but nobody working on it for weeks.

Shame on Republicans. You knew when you voted who you were electing. There are times when we need to vote across party lines and for the best candidate. Our country can't take two more years of this nonsense.

So Mr. Hagg hasn’t had the time to develop the affordable housing in north Rapid? He was given taxpayer money to move forward. 

I watch many TV ads of the candidates for federal, state and local offices and could care less if they can ride a horse. How well can they govern?

The top 20 percent of earners pay 87 percent of income taxes. I’d say they are paying their "fair share."

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