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Two Cents

Just what we need, more eyesore. All the billboards aren't enough. Now you get to look at mini billboards strewn throughout the city posing as bus benches. 

Pinedale elementary staff kept calm and the kids calm during the lockdown yesterday — kudos to them and to the law enforcement for their quick response. This was a nervous time for families. 

The special session didn't address a provision in state law that requires a 2016 sales tax hike for teacher pay to be scaled back if the state is able to collect tax on online purchases. Guess this proves that rather than being about tax fairness, all along this was about tax and spend Republicans getting their hands on more money to spend.

I always vote party line, I've been burned too many times. If you are conservative or liberal then you will vote conservative or liberal when you are elected.

If you can help one person isn't that better than saving a thousand dogs and cats? 

I have heard a few people claim they never vote for an incumbent for office but this makes it even worse because now they have to vote for one of the other party candidates.  Which is how socialism gets a big foothold in our government. You need to vote for the party in which you believe.

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