Two Cents

Don't worry about having too many rodents after all the predators are trapped to protect the pheasants. I'm sure our governor will come up with a giveaway program for mouse traps.

Sen. Rounds promotes increasing production of E-15 corn syrup fuel and corn production by millions of bushels, which removes land from CRP, which is partially intended to provide habitat. Maybe our politicians need to get together before they come up with any more bright ideas.

Please stop comparing Rapid City to Sioux Falls. Many of us have moved west river to get away from the mentality of east river, so let us be Rapid City and keep the west river atmosphere.

If you're complaining your expenses for your house are too high, maybe it's time to downsize.

The high taxes are going to drive those of us on a fixed income right out of Rapid City.

Presently, just our Rapid City School District portion of Pennington County taxes on our owner-occupied home valued at $237,000  are $1,887. With our recent +8.52% Pennington County Equalization increase and the proposed +2.37 school tax levy increase, we can expect that amount to go to $2,647.

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