Two Cents

I did not see anything concerning Wilson Elementary School in the school district's bond proposal. This is the oldest school in town and least efficient.

The city is going to implement a $25 fine if your parking meter expires before you get back after hurrying two hours to shop. I will avoid any further shopping downtown

Why waste time putting a school bond issue to Rapid City voters? It will go down because citizens have the attitude that it is not their problem.

Do the mayor and city council not understand that the pathetic condition of our streets and infrastructure is a reflection on them? It says to the visitors, airman and citizens “we simply don’t care … your opinion (not to mention safety) is not important.”

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I can't get too excited about Black Hills Energy donating $200,000 to charity since they are a regulated utility. I feel they are just using my money to make a donation.

Because of helicopter parents who step in every time they think their child has been wronged, many college students have no idea how to cope with adversity and life in general.

My landline phone rings and the display shows my name and my number. How is this possible?

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